Halex held her close as the night comforted them both. The house was quiet, the lights out. Rain slept in her room as Halex wiggled out from around his lover, Angel sighed heavily as she felt alone Halex had showered and he went downstairs to make something to eat.

Mikhail was sitting on the couch watching television. Halex came and sat beside him a mug of coffee and a sandwich in hand as he watched his friend. "I thought you were sneaking off for a few days to see your wife."

Mikhail shifted and kissed his cheek softly. "I am going in the morning, "I called and spoke with her sister, She is working nights at the hospital right now, my flight leaves at five am and I will get there about seven. I can't wait to see my kids." He smiled and closed his eyes. "What are you two up to and when is Kirill supposed to get here?"

"Emily is a good woman. You keep her happy, at least you get to see her occasionally. How are the twins?" He smiled and shifted watching him, "Kirill will be here at four thirty-five tomorrow afternoon." He stroked his goatee and watched him in return, "We are just getting to know each other again and settling into our new life slowly. A wedding will be wonderful, In two days at the courthouse. Then we live happily. I stay out of the limelight and do not travel overseas, and She keeps to the hospitals and maybe fat with our children in time.... Or maybe I take her over to Dubai, and we live there."

"Crazy talk, crazy talk. You two will be perfect. You will decide your lives, and I will be part of it I am sure."

"This is almost over, and then we will be safe to return you to Emily, and maybe we will live long lives." He chuckled and hugged him and pushed him out the door toward his rental to take to where ever he had to go out in DC.

Halex turned off his bologna in the pan and finished his second sandwich eating it quietly and finishing his beer before turning off the lights, checking the doors, and going upstairs to Angel where he slid into bed with her once he slipped out of his slacks and button down and rested them over her chair. She was shivering either in a bad dream or just because it was a bit cold tonight; it was snowing again after all. He slid up behind her and spooned her so he could press his warmth into her as the house slept.

Halex kissed the back of her neck, "I'll see you in a few hours." He promised, but when she woke in the morning, he was already missing.

"Do you not sleep?" She asked when she found him with the puppies while Beau and Dixie were outside pottying.

"I do, but I wanted to meet you when your up, I could sleep all day while you're at the hospital." He kissed her belly and smiled up at her, his eyes twinkling.

"Then do so please, I will be home tonight at eleven, I'm not on call, so I don't have to stay there. The hospital can call here for cases, and I'll go in. I was going to eat cereal, pack my lunch, and take a shower before I went in. Did Rain get in okay?"

"Yeah she did and I made omelet cups. You'll like them." He got up and got her breakfast and handed it to her. "Now eat this, and I will go see if Rain would like to join us for breakfast." He headed for the stairs.

"All right." Angel sat in the breakfast nook and waited for them to return as she sipped her apple juice.

Rain joined them in a sweatsuit a few minutes later, and Halex had served them, and they were talking Hospital shop. She smiled, "I have photos to label and put in a new photo album and a few things to read and call in for others in my practice." Angel and Halex nodded, and soon Angel headed out to her car and waved to them in a pair of pink scrubs with a baby Garfield and Odie all over them for the little girl she was helping this morning, and she drove off, and soon Rain and Halex were left staring at each other. Rain jumped up, "I'll do dishes!" And Halex smiled, "I'll vacuum," then he chuckled, "Then I believe I was told to go to bed, I"ll sleep a while jet lag has me."

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