Retreat With Mr Heartthrob by GhostlyShadows
Retreat With Mr Heartthrobby Kristy-Maree
Crissy feelan is an eighteen year old girl with memories and experiences to last a lifetime. Kept under the same roof as a monster for sixteen years of her life when she...
  • teenage
  • studentteacher
  • wattys2017
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Jeff the killer lemons.(ONESHOTS) by josh5959
Jeff the killer lemons.(ONESHOTS)by Josh
Im so tired of there not being any of the lemons I want so im writing them myself. One shots of course but just glad I came up with thi...
  • caution
  • lemon
  • fanfic
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Fifty Shades of Arreaga by MelaninsOwnGoddess
Fifty Shades of Arreagaby Melanins Very Own
He kisses my hand "once you get a taste of real dominance the world never tastes the same". He holds his hand out "now come with me and let me teach you s...
  • brandonarreaga
  • caution
  • sexual
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Pictures by PridefulKyle
Picturesby breaking~broken
This book is dedicated to showing you guys my ugly ass and make your eyes bleed, so like yeah... Just tell me to stop I guess IDK I'll delete it *shrug*
  • caution
  • pictures
  • torture
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Caution: The elevator by Dat_Doggeh
Caution: The elevatorby Amyt
Lizzie hates elevators. Yet she goes up one every day. But this day particular, something frightening, confusing but yet impossible happens. She enters a whole new dimen...
  • wattys2018
  • siren
  • caution
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Never Seem to Let Go by TheoneDeatheye
Never Seem to Let Goby TheItChick
"I was getting worried you weren't coming for a second, Maddie." He kissed me on my forehead, and pulled away from me and took my hand. Why was he acting so w...
  • cantputdown
  • mystery
  • horror
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Hidden behind a mask by Micheal-Mell-Is-God
Hidden behind a maskby Micheal-Mell-Is-God
Thomas Sanders (guilty), Logan Pythagorus Smith (controlled), Patton Jaxson (doubtful), Roman Treble (helpless), and Virgil P. Darc (scared), 5 teens with a story to tel...
  • warning
  • abuse
  • patton
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Suicide To Heaven// One Direction by ScarsFadeLoveStays
Suicide To Heaven// One Directionby e.d.h
I was tired of it. I've finally had enough. This was it. Lindsy and I were going to end it all. One jump and it could all be over. Tears streamed down from our eyes...
  • one
  • harry
  • liam
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how she dealt with a heartbreak by _x_lulu_x_
how she dealt with a heartbreakby 💀CryBaby💀
she was the queen of hearts, well heartbreaking. she could do anything in her power to make you fall in love with her, she saw anything bad that was coming her way, she...
  • eilish
  • depressing
  • gxg
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Someone Like You | 18+ by idlefloats
Someone Like You | 18+by maya
"I am good at two things. Murder and sex." • • Xavier Visconti expected one thing on December 23rd, 2000. And that was getting his money back from a spineless...
  • boss
  • caution
  • sad
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Hunk X Depressed reader by AverageIsabelle
Hunk X Depressed readerby AverageIsabelle
Hunk x gender neutral reader. It was originally supposed to be a female reader, but I believe I have changed a good amount to be more gender neutral. If you find anythin...
  • galra
  • hunk
  • voltron
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Crossing the Caution Tape by KAMPPP
Crossing the Caution Tapeby 災​​害
Kelsey Brown is a privaleged girl with the perfect life. She has a faithful boyfriend, caring family, and generous friends. But after one fateful, risky day when she cro...
  • spy
  • adventure
  • caution
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Meant To Be -Lashton by sunupmyarse
Meant To Be -Lashtonby your mom
A story where a troubled teen named Luke is a depressed high school student and new kid Ashton Irwin tries to help fix the blonde. With small problems in their pathway...
  • ashtonirwin
  • romance
  • caution
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Kol's Revenge  by Tiacami7
Kol's Revenge by Tiacami7
Kol Mikaelson was never mourned, never avenged by his siblings. But his son Kaleb will have his revenge on his killers. Be aware that this is rated 'Mature' for a reason.
  • caution
  • revenge
  • gore
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Thoughts for those who wish to know by PsychoDragon128
Thoughts for those who wish to knowby PsychoDragon
  • suicidalthoughts
  • anxietydisorder
  • maturethemes
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Reader x Max Camp Camp by ReaderOfFnaf
Reader x Max Camp Campby ReaderOfFnaf
ughhhh im too lazzzyyyyy
  • caution
  • roosterteeth
  • stupid
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Six Word Stories by leafarrow
Six Word Storiesby Henry Kindle
A six word story is six words that can stand by themselves. They are poetic gems and capture the beauty of saying more with less. I trust that you will enjoy mine. Ju...
  • warning
  • creative
  • cherish
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Fifty shades of fractured by NativeGleesh
Fifty shades of fracturedby Jah 🌹
Its been almost three years since Anastasia Steele quit her strange affair with her dominant lover and first love, Christian Grey, and has cut off all ties with him comp...
  • anastasiasteele
  • fiftyshades
  • caution
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The Eye Test Of Crappy Art by MigicalRedPandaToo
The Eye Test Of Crappy Artby Cheesy Skittle
My shitty art that I drew mostly cuz I wuz bored. Don't read this. Please. Unless you wanna burn your eyes for the rest of your lifetime. Hm.. let's see if your eyes hav...
  • dontlook
  • random
  • caution
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Anthony x Thomas the train x Elmo watching from closet by Shadexox360
Anthony x Thomas the train x Shadexox165
The FitnessGramm Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 second...
  • caution
  • lemon
  • mature