May 2005

Little did Angel know that "yes," to a simple invitation was going to be a change in her life and a swift kick in her ass that she needed after her world had imploded thanks to Tobias. She went through her closet packing not so stiffly, slacks and skirts, flirty tops, her bikini, jogging suit, sneakers, sandals, and several cute dresses, with sensible heels and called the car service to take her to the airport on this muggy, humidity strewn Wednesday morning. She was ready as she could be for this reunion.

Georgia had been kind enough to offer to watch the house and dogs again. She was coming around to being a friend once more, and Angel had accepted her kindness, knowing Dixie and Beau liked her. The car arrived, and soon Angel was on her way back to Tucson, Arizona. A four-hour flight and she would be back to where her nightmares began. She sighed many times on the plane and sipped her juice. Reading a good book as they cruised from Chicago to Tucson packing her book away as they landed in the Old Pueblo.

Pulling up to the resort she got out of the cab, paying the driver as she headed inside, fumbling with her bags, until the door closed on her dress bag and left her fighting it with no help until Angel heard the fragile material tearing, "Damn it all," she cursed! She threw the bag down and tripped over the other bags, stumbling to the counter with a sour look on her complexion, "Dr. Angel High, for the Magnolia Reunion." She said getting out her credit card and Id to check in and smiled.

Angel smiled as she received the keycard and folder she turned to struggle with her bags. Finally, Angel got everything, including the destroyed dress bag she headed for the elevator and went up four flights to her room. The view overlooked the parking lot and the beautiful sunset that would come and unpacked, popping a pill and chewing the nasty tasting thing and sat on the bed closing her eyes waiting for the mind-numbing rush to kick in.

Halex had arrived early in the morning sat in the lobby reading the morning paper and turned around peeking over the headrest of the chair at the sound of her bags hitting the floor, a smile spread over his rugged features, the smile brightening more seeing Angel. Slowly he got up from his seat and silently trotted behind her, noting her door as it closed in his face and he knocked on it. "Angel?" He called hoping she'd answer as he heard her inside.

Angel opened the door, her green eyes looking up at the well-dressed man. Confusion filled her eyes. "Do I know you?"

"Obviously Dr. High, It's only been a year. Can I come in?" His large hand rested on the door as he stared down at her.

Her brows furrowed as she stepped back, waving him in, "How do you know my name?" She asked as she went back to unpacking, taking her toiletries into the bathroom and setting them out, the orange bottle tucked in with several other bottles of medication.

He lowers himself into a chair in the corner, "You seriously need to see someone about your memory loss, sweets, and I don't think I got myself a haircut since the day I left the Bahamas."

"Uh, no. I remember everyone I need and trust me I would remember a face like yours." Angel stopped realizing the man said the Bahamas, St. Bart's and the night she couldn't remember before her flight home.

He took in the luggage, "moving in or do you bring your patients with you?" He asked with a chuckle as he looked out at her horrible view. "You glad to be back in Tucson then?"

"This trip I did bring one case with me, have surgery in the morning, an old friend was in a bad car accident." She tucked her bags one inside of the others and stowed them in the bottom of the closet. "Why do you know so much about me when I can't even recall your name or how I met you?"

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