When Rain woke up, Angel was curled up in a recliner in the corner of her room. She looked so frail and ill, and that made her angrier than she'd been in a long time, "Oh Angel what's happened to you?" She frowned intensely, even though it hurt and sighed. Whoever made her Angel look like this was going to pay dearly. She bit her lip and lifted herself to full sitting even though her body felt like it was going to explode in pain from her broken ribs and well-bruised torso.

Rain sighed and watched her, the simple makeup case sitting in the recliner and she smiled as she threw balled up tissues at her. "Hey, sleepy head wake up." She called to Angel who finally stirred once the box was nearly empty and she rubbed her face with a yawn, "Your up. Finally!" Rain smiled at her as she shifted around on the bed watching her best friend as she yawned again. "Come talk to me."

"Yes, I'm up," Angel smiled as she eyed Rain's breakfast and made a face, "Ewww. Hospital food." She pulled out a cardboard box and opened it the room filling with the smell of blueberry bagels, and she spread cream cheese all over one and handed the warm bread to Rain who ate it happily. "I have to go away for a while Rain, but I swear I'll be back an old colleague of ours is going to watch over you while I'm away," she shifted it was hard to meet Rain's eyes but she knew she had to and she took a hard swallow.

"You were right about Tobias; Rain He's bad in so many ways. So very many ways. So cruel and cold and callous." Angel began to shiver and wrapped her arms tightly around herself to try and keep the shudders at bay as she wiped a furious hand across her eyes. "He's done bad things... unimaginable things to me over the last year. While Georgia is away, or out of the office, so she doesn't believe me, and she has started this cool burning hate for me. She thinks I'm trying to break my contract and I'm not her husband is just evil." She lost it and started to cry.

Rain pulled her into the bed with her stroking her hair, "My sweet Angel, no one should be hurting you." Rain said as she hummed to her as her heart broke that anyone would ever try to hurt the gentle, loving soul that was her best friend. "Angel, we'll get you through this. Georgia is smart; she'll figure it out. Surely if he's turned his attention to you he is either more dominate in the bedroom now or stone cold rotten. I always liked Georgia. Now tell me what's truly bugging you, there's something deeper too I can tell, and it's eating you away, soon there will be nothing but bones left."

"Our secretary got me hooked on pills, it frees me, numbs everything, and it's so very addictive, but I don't hurt when I'm on it... and now Halex is back, he's at the reunion, and he's very angry with me. For some stupid reason I got very honest with him, " she sniffed, "And he's irritated I'm on the drug, he knows so much about it and he wants to help me get clear of it and I told him I would... That tonight we'll start that I had to check on you and see how you were doing.. And here I am, hiding, but he promised me freedom from The Dragon."

Rain listened and hugged her tightly. "It's better than being locked up in a detox center Angel; it is Halex though? I remember late night ice cream binges talking about him making up stories like the runaway prince called home. I think that was my favorite tale of the great disappearing Halex stories. Don't get in too deep with him again; I see the only pain in that future." She said kissing her temple and brushing lose hairs behind her ear, "I wish you'd let me cut your hair, and thank you for being honest and for trying to get help, but if you need to go to Palo Altos you'll go, promise me. It's the best place out here they cater to movie stars and sports stars."

"I swear," Angel said as she kissed her temple in return. She brushed her hair back and put it up in a braid before helping Rain move to the recliner and moved the table over as she got out everything she needed to fix Rain's nails and began to work on them as they talked about Rain's newest boyfriend and what he did. 

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