Halex closed the door as dread filled his heart.  She thought his kind a monster. Maybe he was. He shoved his hands in his pockets and went to his suite that felt like a shoebox compared to her suite, but it was the four extra men now crowded into the suite. He changed clothes, looking into the mirror as he slowly buttoned each dark button on the black silk shirt he had settled for, for the exchange. When he finished, he pulled out a second suitcase and popped it open, recounting the orange prescription bottles with the dragon stamps on their labels and came back with three hundred; he was looking at sixty thousand dollars' worth of perfectly manufactured heaven.  He spits on the floor for thinking such a thing, it was death in a bottle simple as that, and he hated pushing it.  But the money is what he loved. He snapped the case closed and headed for the elevator, pushing the top floor button and hummed quietly, his large hand clutching the leather handle to the case.

    When the elevator bell rang its horse cry, he looked up and waited for the mirrored doors to slide open.  Swinging his left hand in time with the case in his right as he stepped in.  Humming still he waited for the doors to open again and he stepped off looking at the brightly lit hallway and walked to the only room on the left, lifting his large hand he set to knocking on the door. 

He waited, when it opened, he stepped inside and nodded to the men there, and sat his black leather case on the bed. Halex popped it open and showed the contents to the gentleman who motioned with his head, as he smiled a knowing smile, "Three hundred bottles, Sixty thousand dollars, transfer the money now."  He said gruffly as the man showed him his laptop and transferred the money.

    Halex shifted as he nodded, "Thank-you, We are finished." Then he left the case on the bed, turning, "Thank you again Mr. Braylor, your business is always appreciated."  He walked out leaving the case and its evil contents. It wasn't the first time he'd dealt with Mr. Braylor, nor would it be his last, he thought, rubbing his scruff covered chin, sixty thousand dollars was nothing to sniff at. The money guaranteed each of his men ten-thousand dollars.

A pain traveled through Halex's body at the thought of Angel. Her skinny form living off these pills and he turned, shutting the door behind him, he walked down the ornate carpet twisting and turning in southwest colors as he slid back into the elevator and stared at his reflection in the mirrored walls as the lights clicked down to the third floor.  So much was running through his mind, mostly about Angel and how he could save her from the hell that had become her life.  She'd been through so much in her young years.

      He stepped out of the elevator and walked toward his room, letting himself in, he pulled out of his Armani jacket and kicked out of his shoes. He lay across the bed and picked up the phone and dialed reception asking for Angel's room, listening for her to pick up and got nothing and assumed she was just asleep, he would be at this point, hanging up he pulled out of his socks and shirt.

He opened the door when there was a knock and Moab, Midian, Mikhail, and Kolya all bumbled in, "You're not safe Halex it's time to go home," Mikhail rumbled in his deep voice.  Watching his boss and looking around the small room as he shifted, "What's going on?"

Halex shifted, "I can't go home yet, give me until Sunday I'll get you rooms around mine." He was standing in the middle of his beloved men, his brothers, if you will, "Moab check the bank transfer, will you?"

Moab quietly pulled out his laptop checking everything as his fingers flew over the keys, "We have it.  He looked over the laptop at his boss, and then his brother, Midian, "Sixty-thousand dollars."  He rubbed his fingers together, "All and all, not a bad day at all.  Now you can enjoy yourself, boss."

    Mikhail nodded, "You do stupid things over women, I hope this one is worth it, Boss." Halex glowered at his closest friend and watched him with a hard look, smiling when Mikhail took a step back holding up his hands, "sorry boss."

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