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The Alpha Female by Babysucian
The Alpha Femaleby Babysucian
"Park Jimin!! 7 years is alot!! I'll not always wait!!" She screamed at the boy walking away from her. He felt uneasy at the thought of her leaving him alone h...
  • parkjimin
  • destiny
  • truelove
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The Rose , My Rose by bubblygurl16
The Rose , My Roseby bubblygurl16
Nader Thunderbird is a reckless teen , never afraid to get in trouble. Not only is Nader fearless , he's a player ; the smoothest one yet. That all changes once Rose Loc...
  • functional
  • boys
  • longlastinglove
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Sunrise To Sunset  by sofietllsoa
Sunrise To Sunset by Sofie
It's been 5 years since Sabrina saw her boyfriend, Lucas. She's scared to see him and how much he's changed. Is her life going to perfect or is it going to be too much o...
  • sabrinaandlucas
  • 2016
  • longlove
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The Heart's Fated Conquest by Imogen_L_Smiley
The Heart's Fated Conquestby Imogen
Fortune is a right whore; she favours whoever she chooses and leaves others to wait in wake for a chance at happiness and clarity. She is one of the most horrible things...
  • queenxqueen
  • bisexual
  • arrangedmarriage
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The Luci by MamiiKodak
The Luciby MamiiKodak
A Child Who Had A hard life Living the Struggle..It Was Real Developing Things Early
  • funnie
  • study
  • lovehexagon
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The Wolf Princesse by magical123r
The Wolf Princesseby magical123r
Fade is just an ordinary girl or at least thats what she think.She has a big crush Nate(her best freind).But he doesnt feel the same way that she does.He loves another g...
  • sleepymorning
  • longlove
  • boysarecute
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Fighting Back by Vamps_Rule01
Fighting Backby Lomljkeg
Brianna a girl who has been in love with this boy that has never become what she wanted it to, behind all of her pain going on in the background this boy seemed to have...
  • thiswillmakeyoucry
  • love
  • fightingback
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Misplaced Heart by libbyeliz
Misplaced Heartby Lindsay Lyons
Having known James Arden all her life, Emma Saunders knew he was making a huge mistake marrying Janie Crest. James has always been the adventurous one. Ready to go on a...
  • readmystories
  • thestoryhasbeenonmymind
  • hotornot
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You and me by LeAnne_Heart
You and meby LeAnne_Heart
Love is sometimes annoying COPYRIGHT 2014-2015 By LeAnne Heart A. Pigao
  • suiters
  • longlove
  • relatable
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♥No One Owns My Heart Except Me ♥ by scarellet
♥No One Owns My Heart Except Me ♥by scarellet
I'm a free bird flying in the sky and my dreams are so high I was happy Im free And no one own me Till he cames hunting Started siniking He wants to own me BUT I'...
  • alone
  • longlove
  • freeway
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Love Maze by Namjoon_my_lover
Love Mazeby Namjoon_my_lover
Ich: Wo warst du?!?! Ich habe mir Sorgen um dich gemacht!!!! Yoongi: Ju-lyn und ich hatten gestern viel Spaß im Bett... Ich: ...
  • lovemaze
  • drama
  • hindernisse
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Love From The Afar by hiinata_2dope
Love From The Afarby hiinata_2dope
Lyra and Landon have been best friends since they were in Junior high. Both have eyes for the each other but there seems to be a fog covering up each other's love
  • loveme
  • kiss
  • love
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A Long Time Coming - l.s. by OoPsHiDeReCaS
A Long Time Coming - l.s.by Cassi
Harry and Louis have known each other for years. But they haven't spoken once. One day Harry is panicked by not seeing his strength, his mysterious man, and Louis builds...
  • comfort
  • oneshot
  • homeless
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The Last Time by NCSA14
The Last Timeby Nicole Cohen-Sabban
A short romance story about summer love and great tragedy. How lofe love only takes a summer to find and how love conquers all with a twist of course.
  • forever
  • cope
  • wedding
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7 years by JEM1124
7 yearsby JEM1124
7 years hindi ko sinabi sa kanya ang nararamdaman ko dahil BESTFRIENDS lang kami. Sa maliit namin na alitan napa amin ako sa kanya. Grabeh! What an epic! ---- A/N: one s...
  • 7years
  • bestfriends
  • completed
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Age Is Nothing But A Number by KEM365
Age Is Nothing But A Numberby katie mather
Mia Stone was a eighteen year old girl. As a young child she was beaten by her mother. When she was six mia's father was killed in a car crash. Ever since Mia's mother h...
  • longlove
  • romance
  • tragedy
Until I Met You (COMPLETE) by anahrose1977
Until I Met You (COMPLETE)by Anah Rose
Ten years ago she thought she's found her forever and in one glorious night, it was all over. It's been ten years and Dr. Angel High crosses paths with the man she thou...
  • abuse
  • suggested-rape
  • violence
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Peter Pan x Reader Sequel by xDarkness28x
Peter Pan x Reader Sequelby Peter Pan
I'm happy that everyone loved my book so it inspired me to make a sequel to it..
  • longlove
  • pan
  • sadness
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