A tall form slid out of the car, dark olive skin much like Halex and he held a thick manila envelope in his hands as he walked to the front door. Mikhail was not as menacing as Halex and did his dirty work under the sun, and he leaned on the doorbell the monstrous chimes rang through the house as Rain answered the door. "Wow your almost as ugly as the other two what do you want?"

Mikhail rolled back onto the heels of his expensive loafers, "I'm here to see Ms. High regarding an urgent matter that must be decided today." He ran a hand through his closely shaven hair and watched Rain, the studs in his ears twinkling in the sunlight. He held up the manila envelope, "I promise I won't steal her."

"Ha! Not funny, she just got home from a rather invasive medical procedure come in, and I will see if she is up to a visitor, she's very groggy." Rain let him in the foyer and walked through the kitchen to the family room and their hushed voices could be heard before Rain came back around the corner, "She will see you." Rain turned around and let him through the kitchen to the family room couch where Angel was laying on the couch, covered in Disney throws, and she sighed looking at Mikhail, "Pardon me if I don't get up."

Mikhail opened the envelope, "Halex will be worried to know you went through surgery." He told Angel as he pulled the paperwork out of the folder.

"Why would he care? He is very distressed about you and the situation you find yourself in with your boss Tobias apparently he was informed by a nurse that the man lay's his hands on you in a not business related way. I bring to you today a copy of Halex's last will and testament. You have been named the sole beneficiary of his estate and finances, and he would like you to go over them and sign the will stating you accept the terms of the document as it is an over sea's will."

Angel and Rain just stared looked at his face to the papers and back in his hand and back to him. "This seems a little unorthodox unless he plans on walking into a war in the next months," Angel told him. She reached for the papers to read them with Rain and she sat up hard, "Holy cow I could retire on this and never go back, and he wants me to have it?"

"Mr. Adler is at war and wants to make sure you are well taken care of in the future years after seeing you again at the high school reunion he realized he sorely lacked in watching over you and chose now to make sure he righted the wrongs. Just give a sign on the last page, and I will be out of here to file it in both the US and back in Dubai where'd it was written up and where the finances are registered."

Angel signed it and looked at Rain who was barely holding on to keep from bursting out in song as she handed all the papers back. "You can tell Halex I am honored to be his beneficiary but he better not die anytime soon I cannot do long distance medical care."

"Promise me he wants to live, for you Ileana is out of the picture and back home with a severance. Now all his thoughts are on you and his business."

"Will anyone of you be honest and tell me what his real business is?" Angel asked as she shifted whimpering and Rain ran to get the boo-boo buster out of the microwave, it was just a sachet filled with rice and heated to a comfortable heat and she set it over Angel's abdomen and rubbed her thigh.

"You ready for a pain pill," Rain asked Angel as she got the bottle and popped the lid. Rain gave Angel a pill to relieve her the pain and she settled down as Mikhail shifted, "I am not at liberty to share such an honest answer for it could endanger the Emirates he works for more so than they already are."

"So you're sticking to the Emirates story too, why do I think that is all the biggest pile of shit I've ever heard when I had to pull six bullets out of the man to keep him from dying. Emirates don't have gun battles in parking garages in the middle of Chicago they have them on the streets in Europe." She winced and so did Mikhail why was Halex making him do this, "DRUG Dealers have gunfights in parking garages in the middle of Chicago... and why do I think he's tied up in the middle of Dragon. The same drug he fights furiously to keep me off of just because he feels guilty? Because he can't stand to see someone he loves dying of the very thing that puts millions of dollars in his bank account, GET OUT!"

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