It's Elementary My Dear by ICrzy01
It's Elementary My Dearby ICrzy
Our story is of a small town, and the people who live in the town. From a distance, it presents itself like any other small town around the world. Safe. That was forever...
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ѕ w e e т  p e a  ONE - SHOTS 🐍 (🅡🅘🅥🅔🅡🅓🅐🅛🅔) by Lexinator04
ѕ w e e т p e a ONE - SHOTS 🐍 ( ʟᴇxɪɴᴀᴛᴏʀ04
DO YOU WATCH RIVERDALE? DO YOU LIKE SWEET PEA? If so here's a book for you! I know you all love Riverdale! So what's liking Riverdale without liking Sweet Pea? Exactly!
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The devil - taehyung x reader by bangtanseva
The devil - taehyung x readerby bangtanseva
What happens when you meet the devil? And he falls for you. Will you regret or reject...? Cause once you come in, there is no going out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.
  • thrilling
  • devil
  • taehyung
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The Twins (S)mutt ~COMPLETED~ by YourSecreetAuthor
The Twins (S)mutt ~COMPLETED~by YourSecreetAuthor
(COVER IS DONE BY MY FRIEND WHOM HAS WATTPAD, LEMME FIND HER USER-It's Sociopath_x so follow her :p) Hey my name is Georgia I'm the alpha of the Gizma pack, we are by fa...
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  • love
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Covert Love (Book One in the Covert Operations series) by DelaneyBrenna
Covert Love (Book One in the Delaney Brenna
Melanie Clarke was ready for the world. Whatever it wanted to throw at her, let it come. With years of covert operations training under her belt and ready to start a n...
  • featured
  • bravery
  • terrorist
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ghost // h.s by shorelinehoran
ghost // h.sby Jeawel
the Dulce family just moved into a huge house in a weird town. 18-year old Yvonne finds something in her new home and got welcomed by someone...let's just say un-human...
  • update
  • murder
  • ghost
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A Strange Reader  by Mrinalini_Sai
A Strange Reader by Mrinalini Sai
Highest Ranking- #1 (1-5-2017) in Wattpad Hotlist. The Beauty Awards 2017 winner. Bella Roberts finds a mysterious reader, Estelle Parker. Whatever Estelle says is happe...
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  • waveawards
  • paranormal
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Love on the Run by simpleuniquity
Love on the Runby Kris
Lily Elizabeth always knew her life wasn't meant to be rooted in one place. She lived for the thrill of always moving, trying something new, and never knowing what it me...
  • running
  • romance
  • smalltowns
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The Bully by mycahvirovec
The Bullyby Mycah
He held gently on my face, my cheeks in his hands, his thumbs rubbing my cheeks. "I'm sorry" His face was full of regret, bloody and bruised I couldn't help b...
  • thrilling
  • spinechilling
  • heartwrenching
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Trapped by DecentA
Trappedby Amelia
"You will not leave."
  • submissive
  • romance
  • bondage
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The Lie Behind an Innocent Smile by SophiaZiiin
The Lie Behind an Innocent Smileby Sophia_Yang
Highest rating #19 savage||| Humans are such easy creatures you give them a smile they thought your all nice and sweet... You act all tough and cold they judge you and c...
  • thrilling
  • killer
  • blood
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The Repears Return! (Fairytail X Naruto) by HaileyXOXOkiller
The Repears Return! (Fairytail X HaileyXOXOkiller
She's back, and she's smarter, and stronger. After attempting to learn her family's jutsu, for almost three years. Will she find herself in the Naruto world? What would...
  • fairytail
  • pain
  • haileyxoxokiller
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Mason Haise by madelynne_grace
Mason Haiseby mads
Mason Haise. The mysterious 14 year old boy with a dark past he can never forget. A past that sends chills down his spine every time he thinks of it. A past that haunt...
  • wattys2018
  • darkpast
  • thrilling
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500 FACTS by wickedyy_witch
Here is the book where you can find 500 facts that probably are not heard by you before. Lol and that's me in the cover. Ugly i know!! #666 in random right now. Its cree...
  • onedirection
  • thrilling
  • animals
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Inizio (on hold😕) by Fantasydreamer45
Inizio (on hold😕)by Olivia...
|Rank #1 in thrilling •currently•| |Rank #48 in romance •4.22.18•|💘 "Fuck you" I mumble under my breath. He stopped in his tracks. His back stiffened and I h...
  • excitement
  • danger
  • pov
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Vampire Blood 2: Unexpected Love Story  by Princess_Alicia29
Vampire Blood 2: Unexpected Love AJramos
A Pure Royal Blood Vampire, the living heir to the throne. Every vampire bows down to the ultimate vampire that was born. That would Jane never imagine na itong nilalang...
  • wattys2017
  • fantasy
  • action
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Spy Academy by heybre12
Spy Academyby Bre
Katy Grim is just another normal girl with a perfect life-. Excuse me? This isn't your Story to tell writer, you see this? Ugh, figures. Obviously my writer told you my...
  • romance
  • thrilling
  • action
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I Survived by Cam_Writer
I Survivedby ☻Writer☻
It was like any other day, i was with my daughter, amelia. She was about to fall sleep. She was in so much peace. No worry in the world. Her green eyes were shining, fro...
  • gaming
  • zombies
  • thrilling
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A New World (Maze Runner and Teen Wolf collab) by Sterek_x_Newtmas
A New World (Maze Runner and Sterek_x_Newtmas
sorry if you haven't read or watched one or the other, you sort of have to read the maze runner books and watch teen wolf to understand this concept. So (maze runner-Dea...
  • mazerunner
  • confusing
  • teenwolf
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The Dark Web (BTS ff 18+) by cupcaketaster
The Dark Web (BTS ff 18+)by I_use_sope
I'm gonna kill him, I thought to myself in pure anger "yoongi pass me the gun" Read to find out the rest.........
  • minyoongi
  • web
  • kimtaehyung
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