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Bad Taste by -thebeast-
Bad Tasteby マルス・ビースト™
A new change will happen, because I want a little bit of that bad taste _____________________________________ Ever Wanted To Drop The Good Girl Act? Ever Wanted Somethin...
  • rich
  • lifechanging
  • love
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The Water Girl's Secrets by TRenee_Rodriguez
The Water Girl's Secretsby TRenee Rodriguez
Once upon a time, a beautiful sentiment for a beautiful princess, too bad she's busy blowing coke and partying. After breaking all the rules one too many times, Mina, f...
  • football
  • dramtic
  • fiction
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Simulation 7:  by TheRainCode
Simulation 7: by Gabe Bonney
  • apoliptic
  • thrilling
  • darring
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A parallel world by ravenclawdiadempride
A parallel worldby Elena Ortez
  • parallelworld
  • intro
  • thrilling
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Lost But Found by DemLlamaz
Lost But Foundby ZaraFran
Dera was lost, trying to find the love of her life, she hoped and wished for a good love life but remember "be careful for what you wish for." ~Hope you enjoy...
  • romance
  • thrilling
FAN GIRL-by NERDY_KEIXXYby keixxy nerdy
what will it be isn't it hard to be a fan girl ??
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • thrilling
A Mare I Dream by amperewang
A Mare I Dreamby ampr
All bizarre, bad and good mares of mine are collected here.
  • mystery
  • dream
  • mare
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The beautiful struggle by TheMortalDevices123
The beautiful struggleby TheMortalDevices123
My name is Alice Clarke let me tell you a story... there was a girl who felt like she was dying and her mother felt like her daughter needed help, but Alice is extremel...
  • romance
  • thrilling
my bully:Luke Hemmings by Jadypie
my bully:Luke Hemmingsby jade read
meet Kayla a 15yr old girl who gets bullied by Luke hemmings and sexually and physically abused by her father. what will happen when luke sees kaylas dad rape her?
  • heartbreaking
  • suicidal
  • thrilling
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LAST-GASP ! Thriller ! by Lianastrawberry
LAST-GASP ! Thriller !by Lıαпα
YOU'LL TAKE YOUR LAST GASP ! A Story of Nandini Murthy and Manik Malhotra. Nandini sees someone get killed brutally, she gets kidnapped by a murderer. Read to know furt...
  • gasp
  • manan
  • last
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Master: part 1 by xXStrawberryFieldsXx
Master: part 1by Shelby K. Ingalls
In the year 1913, a little six year old girl by the name of Adrianne lives in a large, marble florred, eight roomed house at the top of a hill where the grass is always...
  • master
  • dark
  • thriller
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A Haunted Birthday by fashioncatforever
A Haunted Birthdayby fashioncatforever
On Halloween or Jenny's birthday something terrible happens at her party. Something so scary the people that survive will never forget. But time is running out for Jenny...
  • thrilling
  • ghostly
  • cool
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Diagnosed As Healthy by KevinKid1
Diagnosed As Healthyby KevinKid1
This story revolves around a young teenager who, by every doctor in all of the corners of the world, has been diagnosed as perfectly healthy. However the teenager's body...
  • shortstory
  • thrilling
  • science-fantasy
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The Time Puzzle by allixere
The Time Puzzleby Human Klutz
Since a tragic incident eight months ago, Paige has been having nightmares. Little does she know, her nightmares are about to come true. Will she undo what she has done...
  • tragic
  • romance
  • thrilling
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The Rake by Diamondback133
The Rakeby Jeferson Valadez
My first encounter of The Rake wasn't very pleasant. The dreams still haunt me and it's getting scarier and scarier. I managed to write this story, I'm not sure if I'll...
  • mystery
  • thrilling
  • teen
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Translucent.. by SuprGoofyGoober
#16 SuprGoofyGoober
Skeletons roam.. Hunting for new souls.. A camera makes all the difference
  • thrilling
  • myserious
  • suspense
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Insider by R_Mukherji
Insiderby Rishav Mukherji
Axel Smithson, an agent of the MI 5, is on his last mission before retiring. This proves to be his most challenging mission yet, unveiling new secrets of the dark crimin...
  • mystery
  • yourstoryindia
  • spy
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The back row kid by Smileybriley02
The back row kidby brileydaniels101
This is a sad story . You can never really see how much you have until it's is gone and that is what Leah boning had noticed when she lost the on she was looking for .
  • meaning
  • surprising
  • lonely
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The Last Wave  by musicpro02
The Last Wave by musicpro02
  • bethanyhamilton
  • tragedys
  • thrilling
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Please Tell Me I'm Dreaming... Can I Wake Up Now? Please  chapter 2 by daynamarie
Please Tell Me I'm Dreaming... Dayna
  • fantasy
  • suspense
  • action
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