She was confused as she stumbled in blindly, her phone ringing, she barely noticed Kirill and Rain talking at the desk as she found her phone, "Dr. High," she said listening to the call and hung up.  Packing messily she left.  She wasn't sure what was going on, she wasn't sure how she felt about Halex, or about what he said as she fought through the wave of nausea in her belly as she rushed to get a cab heading to Tucson International Airport to get back to Chicago and  home.                                                                                                                                                                                        

She made notes on a notepad as she talked to the E.R. doctor that had called her in, in person on the case of two battered women.  A mother and child and that pulled at her heartstrings as she took any flight back to O'Hare and waited to board as she continued discussing the case, "Three hours out Dr. Walsh.  I'll go straight to the hospital so in four hours I'll be ready and in when you're closing up and finish."  Yes, I understand, thank you so much."  She hung up and turned her phone off as she boarded the flight and stuffed her bag in the overhead bin and kicked her backpack under the seat in front of her then fastened her seatbelt looking out the window at the tarmac.

    He'd understand...  when he came back and found just Rain in the room, he'd understand and their lives would maybe pass again in some time, she turned off her e-reader and tucked it away.  Her silver dollars tucked in her jacket pocket tucked away for snacks and a drink on the flight, a not so easy job these days to get more than a drink took 3 hours by time and she was just over a three-hour nonstop flight. 

    She sighed, not even noting she'd started to cry as they began to Taxi and lifted into the air.  The flight wasn't full and so she passed the time with a soldier returning to his base to go back to Afghanistan after being with his wife who had their baby girl.  She turned away and started crying again, her internal mommy clock was ticking louder and louder as she rests her head on the window as he went on about his daughter Selena and showed her pictures.  She pulled herself together, no one would hear that clock now.  Even though it clicked loud and clear she was damned to be alone and she admired the pictures the soldier showed her of the beautiful redhead and smiled, "She's beautiful."  He thanked her and put his pictures away turning back to a book he was reading by Jennifer Armintrout, something about Blood Ties and she sighed.

    She lay her head back, popping her earbuds into her ears and turned on her iPod when it was safe and listened to the music, trying not to think about anything else as the plane cut through the cooling air on the way to Chicago, the soldier had fallen asleep, and her life changing as she slept.

    Back in Arizona, Kirill had alerted Halex to Angel's swift disappearance and he was quickly downstairs to talk to Rain who just sighed and went over the encounter again, that her job needed her and she'd been called home.  But in two weeks she was going to be going to Chicago to have the final work done on her face and would definitely make sure her best friend was okay.

    Rain dropped her hands into her lap she was still wearing the formal gown and gave only a simple care to stepping into the bathroom to change back into her sweatpants and tee-shirt and came back out, "Alright asshole look.  She's not running from you, she's rushing to a little girl's side to help her.  She's the best reconstructive surgeon the hospital has on retainer so she went.  One day you will get that, but until you do I suggest you go home, back to whatever hell you came from, and take your men and their soft words and hard looks and just be whatever you are.  Work with your Emirates.  Make your money.  Maybe you can come back and torture us all again real soon.  Now get out."

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