Angel had drifted to sleep on the couch, her beer on the table and her head in Halex's lap. The stress left her when she slept, and she was comfortable. Her red hair was coming down from its chignon. She rubbed her cheek against Halex's thigh as she sighed and just seemed to melt.

Rain smiled as she rolled burritos. Wrapping them in foil as she did so, each dozen she wrapped in saran wrap, and after the second dozen, she brought Halex two plates. "Here's dinner, probably time to wake her up and get her to eat, she's been losing weight again, and if you're marrying her, you need to know what to look for in her bad habits."

She smiled and sat down in the other corner to eat while they watched Eragon on the TV.

Halex careful brushed the loose hair from Angel's face and bent down to kiss her, "Baby it's time to wake up, dinner's ready, and we need to talk."

Angel stirred, "Sleep.."

"No, dinner time then sleep." He countered her soft complaint.

She slowly sat up and faced him rubbing her eyes with her fists like a child. "What's for dinner?" She asked as she reached for a plate, "Oh the green chili!" She was suddenly brighter as she kissed Halex's cheek and slowly dug in.

Halex chuckled and dug into his plate. Rain had made it perfect, and he smiled as he ate, "This is the best I've had outside of growing up in Arizona."

Rain nodded, "Sonoran Mexican is the best." She sipped her beer and looked at Angel. "Sweetheart... you need to eat and go to bed. I think you should take a vacation from work; you shouldn't be this tired after a twelve hour ER shift and one surgery... You're run down, depressed and your only going to burn out."

"I have burnt out... I don't know what to do anymore... I give up." She sniffed and buried her tears in her burrito.

"Angel you're going to call tomorrow, and you're going to tell the hospital that you are not ready to come back after all, if at all and you're going to do wedding stuff and enjoy your puppies, stop and enjoy life while you heal."

Rain just watched him as Angel just cried harder as she set her plate down. Angel downed her beer, and headed up the stairs, closing the doors behind her she stared at her reflection in the mirror and just dropped onto the bench at the foot of the bed. She pulled out her ponytail and slowly got out of her sweats and into a nightgown. She turned over onto her knees and crawled up on the bed and under the blankets and tried to sob herself to sleep.

"Should I go after her, I feel like I should go after her," Halex said as he sat forward setting his stuff down and stood up. Rain did not stop him, she bobbed her blue head and watched as he went through the kitchen and up the stairs.

"Angel?" He called at her door.

"Go Away!"

Halex just stood there wanting badly to just to relieve her woe. He was pushing her too hard, and he knew in time she would either heal or bounce back and be Angel again. Not the drunk giddy phone call that turned into hell. Not the shy mouse that had not blossomed. He rested his right-hand flat on the door and closed his eyes. Her pain was nearly too much, but he loved her, and he slid his hand down to the French handle and turned it, glad the door wasn't locked. He slipped inside and closed the door behind him. He could see her slight form. He walked to the bed, and his heart threatened to rip from his chest with her soft sobs of anguish.

Halex unfolded his large form and slid into the cover's with her and wrapped his arms around that sweet woman and kissed her brow softly. "Laa yumkinu lilkalimati an tasifa hubbi laki,*" He whispered.

She rubbed her face against his tee shirt and sniffed. Pressing into him as she sought out his warmth and soon she was exploring his body. "You are so very handsome, and I'm glad you are here. I"m just an emotional wreck."

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