Chapter Nine

    Angel stared at the pitcher of water watching the liquid go down time and again as she drank each cup. Each glass full of the tasteless liquid, oh she hated it and the more she swallowed, the more she shook, tears slid down her cheeks as the familiar, want started to fill her belly and soon she was emptying the Kleenex box between wanting to cry and just shredding the tissues.  What had Angel allowed Halex do to her?  Her tongue was so dry, and the water wasn't wetting it, and she began to sweat, and that was torture in its self as she curled up in a ball crying dry tears. Bastard! Who was he to put her through this hellish time alone?

    She drank her water, refilling the pitcher once as she trembled.  Slowly she sat up, her head light from the drug leaving her system, and she slid out of her polka dot pajamas as she moved across the room. To the balcony and dragged a chair out to watch the night sky, the flash of lightning over the mountains surrounding the city as she trembled, how she'd missed the storms as they brought electricity and life to the desert and she could smell the wet earth and the smell brightened her senses. i

    The distant storm meant survival for everyone in the old pueblo. She smiled as she lifted her face to the soft kisses of rain as drops began to fall. It was leaving spheres of water pooling on her skin as it slowly got harder and harder until she sat there soaking wet. Without a care in the world, she rocked softly back and forth until a loud clap of thunder made her shudder. Angel slid back inside and quickly walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower stepping inside the beautiful marble stall to wash away the grit of sandy rain and came out wrapped in a towel as she could think once more of nothing but Halex.

    Was she obsessed?  She couldn't figure anything else out.  His brown eyes swallowed her whole and she felt as if she was somewhere else. Those intense, dark pools of chocolate, the gaze they held had gone straight to her heart and warmed it and her belly, her body waking up to the man she'd been in love with her whole life, but could she tell him.  Now she was somewhere safe. Then suddenly she was falling and her hands gripped the counter as she eyed her medicine bottles. Her breathing came heavy as her gaze flicked over each bottle she turned toward the garbage can and found the empty orange bottle.

    Turning the orange bottles slowly one at a time she realized it was gone, the one bottle that would make the rollercoaster stop.  She threw her arm across the counter sending medicine bottles spraying across the bath a few bottles breaking sending yellow and green pills scattering across the floor like shattered glass and she sunk to the tile to cry.  She had to have more.  She did have more.  But where.  Where!

    She got up as her body fought against her and she drank a glass full of water and stood on two shaky legs she felt like a deer to herself when on the outside she looked okay her insides were turning against her as she went for the suitcase and flipped it upside down dumping the contents, flinging her clothes everywhere in search of a bottle and she could find none.  Had he searched for it?  Had he discovered all of them...  She could remember three.  Where was the third?  Her purse.  Yes!  She searched hard for her bag and dumped it on the bed again finding nothing, and now her head was screaming, and she flopped down putting her purse back together and drinking another cold drink of water as she took deep breaths.  Her pulse was beating hard, so hard she could hear the swish in her ears, and she lay down again closing her eyes.

    Damnit! She was going to lose her mind and slid off the bed curling up in the corner of the room by the ac it was cool while she was burning up, and it's clicking, and fan helped drown out the confusion in her head as she cried.

    The music cranking up downstairs gave her hope and she wouldn't stay trapped inside anymore. The metal grinding through her body was Nirvana or Live.  She couldn't stay shut up and she finally pulled herself out of her hole and drove herself to sort through her clothes, finding a pair of jeans she didn't realize she packed.  She couldn't have packed them and smiled.  Georgia.  She continued flitting through her clothes and found a shirt that was somewhat sexy and sat on the bed as she did some quick braid work with her hair and called down to the front desk to get Halex's room number, she'd see him first.  Had to see him first really and slid on a pair of heels she discovered, again one person rang to mind.  Georgia.  The woman hadn't talked to her in over a year except for brief passes at work and giving her, her paycheck.  She got the room number up on five and closed the door, a small wallet in her pocket as she slid into the elevator and punched five.  Somehow she'd gotten a second wind.

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