Kirill grabbed his ice chest and put water's in it and made a few PB&J's and grabbed the fresh fruit salad that Rain had made the night before. He slid his feet into his sandal's, and he didn't mind the shorts that Rain had got him so he'd be comfortable. "Llyubyu I am ready, let's go."

Rain came out, she was in shorts too spring was very nice this year, "I'll drive I know right where she is." She smiled, and they climbed up in his four-door pickup he'd gotten when they decided they needed two cars.

"Should I take the car seat out?"

"Yes, I want to surprise her with our news... I don't think she could handle it if she found out like that. She want's kids. She climbed up on the driver's side, "Do you have the straps for the puppy kennels?"

"Yes dear." Kirill smiled and held them up, setting them on the bed of the truck. He popped the car seat out, unbuckled the base and set it in his work shed, and they pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street to Speedway then u-turned and turned around heading for Swan, and they got on Skyline and headed to the other end of town. Forty-five minutes later they arrived at the motel and drove around till they found the Uhaul and the room and Rain knocked and a few moment later Angel answered the door and sat down so they could come in. Kirill passed her a sandwich and a bottle of water, "You look like you need this."

Rain hugged her tight. Angel was pregnant, and she stepped back. "Let me finish paying your bill and Kirya will get all of you guys in the truck." She handed the keys over to Kirill, and he started collecting the puppies and putting them in their crate and walked out to the truck with them and belted them in as Rain got Angel in the truck passenger seat and Beau and Dixie in the back seat. Rain got in and started the truck. Kirill would get the neighbor Ronald to help him move her into the guest house.

When they got back to their house Kirill told Rain he was going next door to get Ronald and left the girls alone.

Angel just sobbed mostly as she held Rain's hand. "I'm in a big hole... I can't get out."

"I'm glad you called Angel. Thank you for coming home to me," Rain kissed her brow, "Let's get you in the truck you need a bath and some good hot food. The guest house is still open for you." Angel just sadly nodded and got up in the truck as Rain went inside to settle the bill.

When she came out Kirill had fastened the pups in their crate in the back and Rain slung her duffle bag and the dog's bag of dog kibble into the bed as well and then she walked over to Kirill, "Kirya? Follow me straight home, Dinner is in the crockpot at home, and she and I can go to the super Wal-Mart later tonight,"

She kissed him and climbed up into the truck and started it then waited for Kirill to get in the Uhaul and maneuver it out onto the street and then waited to follow Rain and Angel.

Angel was slumped against the door just watching the road go past as Rain chatted to her, telling her about meal times, shopping times, hobby's and getting Angel's hair cut and a mani/pedi, wash her clothes, then get her moving properly.

Angel had a frown on her face but answered her once in awhile because it was polite, an hour later, due to lunchtime traffic, They were there at the beautiful red brick house and Rain parked in the driveway and Kirill parked on the street, unloaded the Mustang and trailer then backed the Uhaul into the driveway and he went and fetched Ronald who was carrying Pizza boxes from Pizza Hut and a case of beer to drink with it and he smiled, "Rain! Kirill! I brought dinner to go with the unpacking"

Rain was throwing Angel's clothes in the washer and thanked him, "Just set it on the table." He did and headed back out to start unpacking the truck with Kirill. She had brought everything she needed, the couch coffee table. The tiny two-person dining table, two chairs, two large boxes of books and several boxes with craft stuff. Her box of linens and her bed they put in the bedroom.

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