In the early hours, Halex woke to the phone ringing. It was blaring his favorite Kansas song, but he left his downstairs, and that's when he realized it was Angel's on the bedside table, and he reached over the sleeping woman in his arms, and he stroked her back as he answered, "Dr. Angel High." The woman on the other side was frantic it was Rain she had just seen the Chicago Sun-Times and the story front page, and she called quick as she could, "Halex its Rain. Go downstairs and get her paper, don't let her see it, don't let her watch local news, take her out, go to the zoo do something. That bitch went to the paper and went forward with publishing your photo and talking about the parking garage incident. That you knew men that could have killed her husband on your command just to quiet things down and save Angel the embarrassment of an affair that they'd been having since she first went to work for them."

"Wait what the evidence was proof it was forced and non-consensual."

"I know, but this is just her way of processing his death. Keep her safe I"ll be back out there tonight and activating a legal team to smoke Georgia's bull shite. You will not be a part of it you'll be removed from the process." She sighed, "How is she?"

"Night terrors so bad she was scooting the bed around while screaming. I came up to bed with her, and it calmed her down. She's still sound asleep, and my arm is dead, but I'm not moving unless it's to save her life. Do you have the flight info? I'll have Mikhail meet you his flight gets into O'Hare at one am."

"I get in at one thirty gate A-26. I have three bags with me." Rain was sounding calmer.

"He gets in on concourse E-52 He'll be waiting for you in Luggage at your carousel. From there we have a car in long-term he'll help you to it and get you here. It's going be a full house, but I need help if I'm protecting both of you and Mikhail while a baby is just as deadly as I am... and one day when the truth needs out you'll understand when we tell you. "I almost slept with her last night. We got engaged and were in the heat of the moment but stopped short told her I wanted it to be special and hopefully after we get married."

"Congratulations, I wish you the best marriage Halex, but get out of the mafia and raise her right. Here in the US. Come back to Tucson, bring Kirill, I'll marry him. "

"You would marry Kirill Kovalev with no more than three meetings why?" He was both shocked and amazed at the kindness.

"You can all work in my practice while miss Angel pants make her way through intensive therapy and classes to heal. There is a therapist who does part-time work for my clinic to help mothers with a loss, with guilt, with rape. He has a good program. "

Halex smiled, "We will come, and I will bring Kirill, and we will get her in that program and get her help. Help so that we can have a family."

"All right see you soon," Halex smiled as he hit end and he set the phone back on the bedside table. Now he had to untangle himself from his precious teacup human and get to the bathroom, and after fifteen minutes he finally had to wake her, "Angel baby I need my body back, or I'm gonna ruin your memory foam."

Angel garbled something in her sleep and carefully extracted herself from his body and freed him as she curled back up in his warm indent in the mattress as he let himself out and down the hall to the upstairs bathroom.

Angel slowly unfolded herself and sniffed his pillow it all smelt of him, those foreign spices in a musk base, and she loved it. She snuggled into his pillow; she was cold away from his body heat.

When he didn't come back she went in search of him she found him in the kitchen with one of the puppies, "Is she okay?"

"Yeah shes just looking for mama and got lost and Dixie didn't miss her, but now I'm about to lead her back to mom watch." He got a chew stick and let her sniff it and led her back to the saucer and put her in, and Dixie yipped and the pup that was nicknamed Rosebud nuzzled up to a nipple for breakfast and Halex gave mom the chew stick.

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