In the crisp early morning, air Angel fled the hotel and her muddled memories of the night before and got the last seat on the puddle jumper out.  Not aware of the motives that Halex had been on the island, about. Not aware of what lay ahead of her as the sun rose in the east  Brought herself to her senses, her head hurt and she took a couple of aspirin from her purse and a bottle of water from the flight attendant as they moved toward Florida where she switched over to the plane for her  flight to Chicago where it was in the twenties, a balmy day for winter and she got off the plane still muddled, but her headache was gone.

    Tobias was waiting for her in luggage claim and smiled his overly pleasant smile as he stuck his hands in the pockets of his dress slacks and waited for her to collect her baggage.  Driving her to the hospital, he parked in the parking garage as he let her read the case file.  Once they were in a private space she tried to get out, but he kept the doors locked. His dark eyes dancing with mirth as he watched her struggle with the door.

    "Tobias let me out I have to go help this girl," Angel said.

He lifted his finger to his lips shaking his head.  "Not yet my pretty I have plans for your overconfident self."  He slid across to her side of the car and took control of the situation, ten minutes later he unlocked the doors letting her out.

Angel ran toward the hospital trying to stop the tears she fixed her clothes and righted her hair as she came to the sliding doors as they whooshed open she pulled out a handkerchief wiping away smeared makeup and tried to powder the bruises around her throat. She ducked into a staff bathroom before going to the elevator, righting everything she could just wiping her face clean of makeup.

She came into pediatrics, five minutes, later after stopping in the lounge to avoid Georgia as she came down the hall looking perfect as ever.  She had to throw up, how she could love that vile monster, that monster she was trapped to be around for another five years via contract.  It would be his word over his as she clung to the toilet bowl dry heaving eventually as she tried to calm down, then brushed her teeth quickly with the toothpaste and brush she kept in a baggy in her purse.  She rounded into pediatrics talking to Sally, the day charge nurse for rooms 1110 to 1120.

    "I'm here to see Mindy Peters this morning."  Angel said trying to sound chirpy as Sally pulled her 'round her desk and looked her over, "What happened to you?" 

    "Just tell me where the girl is the clock is ticking."  She didn't mean to be snippy, but she was and instantly regretted it as Sally backed off and handed her the chart, "Room 20. Her mom and dad are in there. It's bad, but you've obviously seen, bad, already today."

    Angel sighed, "I'll talk to you after I do the consult and get a surgical suite going."  She promised as she walked off on unsteady heels.  Going down to the end of rabbit hall and she knocked on 20's door and stepped inside.  "Mr. and Mrs. Peters, I'm Dr. High, I'm the plastic surgeon in charge of your daughter's case."

    "We have been told you were the best by Georgia, a tall blonde woman who was asking questions on anesthesia issues in the family to make sure Mindy was safe, she was from the Chicago Plastic Surgery."

    Angel smiled, "That would be I and the other lady was my partner, Dr. Georgia Coates.  I'll take good care of her and try to make her as beautiful as I can."  Her phone rang in her pocket, "Excuse me a moment. I have to take this."  She smiled and stepped outside taking the call, "Hi Georgia." 

    Georgia smiled on the other end of the line. "You have Surgical Suite E starting in two hours for the Peters case; Jenny's your anesthesiologist."  She hung up and left Angel to the patient. Angel toyed with the phone before putting it away.

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