Federal Agent Christopher Cole and his partner Sasha Reynolds showed up just after ten the next morning. As promised Halex was in the next room for support with Dixie and Beau and Rain had tea and glasses at the ready. She had dressed Angel in a pair of baggy sweats and put fresh socks on her feet, she'd brushed her hair back in a pony-tail, and she sat quietly on the couch clutching a pillow as Rain led the agents in to talk about the outstanding abuse and attacks as Halex had said they would. When Angel had a crying jag Rain took the opportunity to ask a few questions about why it had become a federal matter and what was going on. Tobias apparently had an older investigation from the years they were in medical school in another state and a girl he'd even kidnapped and brought over state lines for the same charges plus kidnapping. It was all in all a cut and dry case but they were going to arrest Tobias and charge him. She was safe.

Angel nodded wiping at her tears one last time as she stood and shook the agent's hands. "Thank you... I don't feel safe yet. Maybe when he's arrested."

They nodded shaking her hand back, "We can understand that, and we will let you know when we have... I'll come by and check on you make sure you're doing okay."

"Thanks." She was reverting to a mouse, and she started to get sad, Rain saw the agents out, and Angel went to peek in on Halex. "Halex?" She asked she found him asleep prone on the bed and smiles to him it was midnight. It must be so hard; she thought she had enough problem moving in the states. Instead of waking him or going back upstairs she went climbed up on the other side of the bed and lay beside him, and she got the drum of one word in her thoughts again, simply, "Safe." She slid one arm around him and tucked her head under his chin. She knew this man would never maliciously hurt her. He had dropped everything and came running at her needing him.

He moved in his sleep and wrapped her in his arms and kissed her hair. "Did Christopher leave?" He yawned and stroked her hair.

"Yeah, he did." She smiled and untucked to look at him. "I think with you and Rain I'll be okay. I can't keep Rain long, or her practice will suffer. Will you be okay just us?"

"Yeah, of course, I will." He smiled and kissed her forehead. "We'll be okay."

"She smiled and curled back up, "Good cause after the last two hours I just want to cry and shake they made me go through EVERYTHING! They believed me though apparently, I'm not the only one." She started to sniffle.

"Of course they did. Christopher and his fellow agent want to put him away as badly as you do, so they need everything they can get." He rubbed her back just talking to her quietly in his rich voice.

* * *

Tobias was packing frantically, "Georgia I have to go, just... Georgia" He was yelling out the bedroom door as he continued to shove clothes into his bag, "I'll be back, but don't you dare believe what anyone says."

"Why? What do you mean Tobias? What did you do?" Georgia grabbed his arm and got shoved back several feet for her efforts, she wiped a bit of blood from the corner of her mouth, "Tobias you're scaring me."

You have no clue Georgia that tramp Angel, she's got everyone in a froth telling them I raped her. That I have been for awhile." He shoved his passport into the bag and opened the wall safe taking out the money he had stashed there. "I'll call you when I get to where I am staying."

"You can't just run away," She grabbed his arm again, and he spun around looking her in the eyes, "Tobias I know you've been hurting her for years, and this is the last time. It has caught up with you now there are witnesses."

"Witnesses?" He stared at her, "How are there witnesses? She lives alone, and the dogs can't talk!" He grabbed the bag and headed downstairs, "Like I said I would call you."

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