Life is Worth Living by MariahCamren
Life is Worth Livingby Mariah
School had always been hard for Lauren Jauregui since the accident. The accident caused her to have brain damage and she had a harder time doing mostly everything, inclu...
  • 5hageplay
  • druguse
  • lesbian
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FLORIDA KILOS.//R.R. by FirmeDelReigns
FLORIDA KILOS.//R.R.by Ria Del Rey.
Nothing is painful than believing the man who claimed he'd change for the sake of you and your babies, hating yourself and blaming yourself for what happened with your k...
  • sethrollins
  • nsfw
  • wwe
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teenage dirtbag || percy weasley by galaxyphilester
teenage dirtbag || percy weasleyby millie
Ophelia, or Lee as she preferred, was a rebel. Not a Wizarding rebel, she wasn't really a fan of the dark arts. She attended Hogwarts, taking life one cigarette at a ti...
  • harry
  • drugs
  • potter
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Brothers ❀ YoonMin by minsquish
Brothers ❀ YoonMinby b u b b a
"Like I know." Jimin kind of feels an attraction to his brother [warning: incest] ©minsquish
  • incest-story
  • drugaddiction
  • drugs
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kinktober. [ joshler ] by deluneth
kinktober. [ joshler ]by deluneth
30 day kink challenge! smut within [ obviously ] :: joshler
  • kinktober
  • daddyjosh
  • boyxboy
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Addicted (Mafia Sans x Reader) by AlissaShaw
Addicted (Mafia Sans x Reader)by AlissaShaw
In a large city divided down the center into two territories, the humans, and the monsters, you're forced to pick sides. Living between monsters and humans have caused m...
  • mafia
  • sans
  • mafiatale
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Lightning  by Lightning72
Lightning by Jerome Lightning Skelly
This is my story. My life. Now before you read or turn away, I must warn you my life is anything big normal. Bad luck seems to follow me and everyone I love. Abuse, drug...
  • cutting
  • familyproblems
  • suicidalthoughts
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Concrete Angel- a Naruto fanfiction by Babywolf-Lover
Concrete Angel- a Naruto fanfictionby Elisha
At 5 years old Naru was put into a human trafficking ring. At 12 she is bought by Minato and Kushina Namikaze to become their daughter. Everything seems great, until the...
  • angst
  • femnaruto
  • healing
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Sinnerz by okosha
Sinnerzby okosha
A Gorillaz alternate universe with a gothic and yandere theme that includes Murdoc, 2-D, Noodle, Cyborg Noodle (as Nia), Paula and Russel (with Del). This AU belongs to...
  • yandere
  • romance
  • darkthemes
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Save Me From Myself: Rhink Fanfic!  by rhinkydoodles
Save Me From Myself: Rhink Fanfic! by JUST. RHINK. CRINGE. IN. GENE...
Link had been abused by Christy, who only cares about herself, Link developes mental health problems but doesnt want to be like Christy, always being "in pain"...
  • flashbacks
  • depression
  • graphic
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Addicted to You by MissGamerGeek
Addicted to Youby MissGamerGeek
Maya held back her feelings for years. She watched Riley date Lucas, then Charlie, then a series of other boyfriends. She kept quiet because she knew she stood no chance...
  • sexualcontent
  • girlmeetsworld
  • gmw
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Made in the valley (mature 18+) by Tripplediamond_xo
Made in the valley (mature 18+)by DIAMONDS
Giulia Donatella Romano (Rome) is an out-of-work struggling actress living in the Valley. Romano finds an unexpected chance at stardom entertaining the world of phony vi...
  • romance
  • druguse
  • wattys2018
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GIVEN TO FLY (bxb) by GlassxxPill
GIVEN TO FLY (bxb)by Izzy💫🖤
He still gives his love he just gives it away~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Caleb is close to following in his toxic father's footsteps, and he doesn't qu...
  • mature
  • violence
  • dog
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Illuminate by nosaninja
Illuminateby n o s a
= book one = Logan Clark was once a golden child. A bright light in a storm, a calm wave in the ocean, a lion in the wilderness. Logan was once all of these things, but...
  • newadult
  • heartbreak
  • thriller
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I Need Help: Sterek by EvilAffliction
I Need Help: Sterekby EvilAffliction
Summary: Stiles is loosing hope for himself after his father starts getting drunk and abusing him. Derek finds out and tries to help but Stiles keeps pushing him away. B...
  • drug
  • derek
  • ethan
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❝THE WAITING GAME❞ (OLEFF !) by fiftyshadesofwyatt
❝THE WAITING GAME❞ (OLEFF !)by a sarcastic asshole
she hates him. he hates her. it's as simple as that. or is it? (w. oleff x oc)
  • milliebobbybrown
  • druguse
  • finnworlfhard
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Dyuria by jammyrolling
Dyuriaby Lentilinion
You would think teenagers would have a bit of sense in their heads but clearly not. Dyuria isn't the best place to live, admittedly. Everyone who has ever lived there ca...
  • coleismyson
  • thisstoryisamess
  • whydidyoudothat
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bread and water | narcos  by krooscontrol
bread and water | narcos by Jesus/Issy
Marlid Rojas, Interpol double agent, returns back to her native country of Colombia to help bring down Pablo Escobar and his fellow cartel leaders. She's stone-cold, br...
  • cocaine
  • druguse
  • violence
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Twists and Turns by Micookofanfic
Twists and Turnsby Mi_Cuckoo Fanfic
Jacob Garcia and Samantha Garcia have a wonderful marriage. Good news! There going to have a baby. But, little did they know that bringing a child in this world would c...
  • achol
  • boyxgirl
  • brother-in-lawxbrother-in-law
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Got Drunk Together. -Netnobody FF- by NoYoui
Got Drunk Together. -Netnobody FF-by NoYoui
Rachael went to Netnobody's birthday party. She met him they drank together and become friends. They go through a lot of troubles together but can they stay friends thro...
  • fanfiction
  • killing
  • netnobody
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