What about the past ? | sons of anarchy. by samcrosfaith
What about the past ? | sons of an...by Dani.
|Juice Ortiz x OC| Kaylee Haynes is a young woman who was with Jax Teller four years ago. The two have a now two year old daughter together - but the two are no longer a...
  • violence
  • soa
  • samcro
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In the end it's him | sons of anarchy. by samcrosfaith
In the end it's him | sons of anar...by Dani.
|Happy Lowman x OC| „Then go, but don't come back", he yelled at the brunette woman who was one of the most important people in his life. „Fuck you, Happy!"...
  • druguse
  • fanfiction
  • samcro
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Lost Soul by x_insertname
Lost Soulby x_insertname
Rin Okumura, the Son of Satan. All he wants is to be loved again, and he will do everything he can to get that back. But what happens when he finally gives up?
  • rinokumura
  • yukiookumura
  • violence
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I Need Help: Sterek by EvilAffliction
I Need Help: Sterekby EvilAffliction
Summary: Stiles is loosing hope for himself after his father starts getting drunk and abusing him. Derek finds out and tries to help but Stiles keeps pushing him away. B...
  • sterek
  • aiden
  • self-harm
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RIDE//Angel Reyes. by ChingonaReigns_
RIDE//Angel Reyes.by Ria Reyes
Angel Reyes is in his feelings but the woman he wants seems not to want him but yet she wants him. The problem is that no one in the club is allowed to date Marcus Alvar...
  • fx
  • claytoncardenas
  • mayansfx
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Her Healing Hands by AprilFillingim
Her Healing Handsby April Fillingim
Tara Langer joined the Crain family two years before they moved into Hill House, her mother and Olivia Crain had been best friends their entire lives so when Lucy Langer...
  • baby
  • phoebetonkin
  • nelliecrain
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Lightning  by Lightning72
Lightning by Jerome Lightning Skelly
This is my story. My life. Now before you read or turn away, I must warn you my life is anything big normal. Bad luck seems to follow me and everyone I love. Abuse, drug...
  • bestfriendlove
  • badluck
  • suicidalthoughts
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Daddy Issues by vonlane
Daddy Issuesby von
the bed was left in ruins. Dec 18, 2015 - This is a somewhat mildly disturbing fanfiction portraying kids as anything but innocent and somehow growing up to become even...
  • mentionsofabuse
  • sasuke
  • domesticabuse
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Winter Woods {KookV} by 1800-HolySmutGlasses
Winter Woods {KookV}by 💋Lil'Moni💋
"I can't keep my eyes off of you, Jeon Jeongguk." ----------- Kim Taehyung, a 15 year old boy, just moved to Busan with his...
  • taekook
  • bts
  • kookv
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An omega? (boyxboy) by thehomosexualagenda
An omega? (boyxboy)by Jade B
Louis is only 16 years old when he starts acting out. He craves his parents attention but they just send him to boarding school. He's put in a room with an alpha since h...
  • alphaandomega
  • alphaomega
  • boyxboy
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Bloom by UnderMySkin
Bloomby Sabrina
[# 314 in General Fiction 06/14] In which a woman named Wren and a man named Cass come together as roommates and form an unbreakable bond. Through learning of one anothe...
  • selfharm
  • help
  • trauma
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TJ Hammond imagines by muzieka-
TJ Hammond imaginesby Jade
tj imagines. mainly sad, some fluff and a couple that are a mix of both. massive trigger warning. so yeah, enjoy
  • fluff
  • druguse
  • suicide
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Playful Sins by Saint_Rori4
Playful Sinsby Rorisang
Tim cleared his throat loudly and persistently behind me, which I knew meant "get on with it!", so I casually leaned back in my chair and turned to Blythe. &q...
  • love
  • partying
  • cigarette
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All in Good Harmony [REWRITE] by mwauvesincerely
All in Good Harmony [REWRITE]by ...ing
Copyright 2018 mwauvesincerly
  • urbanromance
  • bodyissues
  • badboy
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all the wrong words by fqnfixtion
all the wrong wordsby 👀
"farkle i don't know what i want!" "well, i know you don't want me." [lowercase intended]
  • drinking
  • disney
  • lesbians
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Concrete Angel- a Naruto fanfiction by Babywolf-Lover
Concrete Angel- a Naruto fanfictionby Babywolf-lover
At 5 years old Naru was put into a human trafficking ring. At 12 she is bought by Minato and Kushina Namikaze to become their daughter. Everything seems great, until the...
  • femnaruto
  • kakashihatake
  • druguse
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Amused.  - Jodeci x New Edition by GoldenAgeJae
Amused. - Jodeci x New Editionby Purple Vibez 💟☯️♍️
Like Drake says, You only live once. So, why not have a little fun? Dark Humor mixed with sexual content and a sprinkle of drugs and Violence. This isn't gunna end we...
  • bxbxg
  • 90safterdark
  • mya
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L E T  I T  B U R N Patrick Hockstetter fanfic by sadgirl_aesthetic
L E T I T B U R N Patrick Hockst...by sadgirl_aesthetic
She was the perfect fuel to his fire, a harmonious combination of gasoline and red hot flames. Hand in hand, they would burn together. Patrick Hockstetter fanfic Slight...
  • it2017
  • hockstetter
  • henry
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Mileage May Vary by Taeucci_15
Mileage May Varyby Taeucci
Jungkook is a stripper with a penchant for trouble. Taehyung is curious.
  • agegap
  • strippertaehyung
  • jungkook
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Concrete Angel Revised by Babywolf-Lover
Concrete Angel Revisedby Babywolf-lover
This is the revised version of the old story! It will be different from the old one, enjoy! Summary: At a young age Naru was thrust into the dark, sick world of human t...
  • kakanaru
  • kakashihatake
  • hurt
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