Two days later Georgia had returned a still quite sad Angel to Rain and Kirill and was leaving as Rain tucked Angel into bed.

Rain smiled, "I'll be right back my Angel. My sweet, sweet Angel." She kissed Angel's brow and excused herself back downstairs.

Georgia was in the kitchen popping tops off the beer, and Kirill was sitting on the couch, the stereo playing quietly, one of Angel's metal bands, obviously Kiril approved but it was hard for Georgia to follow along, she recognized the language as German but knew nothing else.

Rain took her and Kirill's beers and sat down. It was time for the pow-wow over Angel and what they were going to do to help her. Kirill took a swig and set his bottle down. "So.. Rain this is your talk. What do you want to do?

"I just want her home with me so I can watch her. But she's too far in grief to decide anything."

"Well that's understandable, "Georgia quipped, "She just got left by the man she's been in love with since she met him all those years ago."

"You have no idea," Rain argued, "She has no clue what she wants."

Georgia took a long pull from the bottle she was holding. She was angry, Rain was angry, and Angel appeared at the edge of the kitchen, "I'm not leaving."

Both girls stood up to come to her arguing their points in a mishmash of concern as Angel started to sob again, "You say you're my best friends, but you're not listening to me. I'll be okay. I just need to throw myself back into life once I"m done feeling sad. I'm allowed to be sad damn it!" She burst into tears and slumped to the couch, "I just want to find my feet and stand up. I love you both, but I'm not a doll to be moved so easily. Georgia is going home when the snow stops falling and Rain, You and Kirill are leaving as soon as you can get a flight out. Do the three of you got that?"

Kirill just watched her and got angrier by the moment, "Dah. Are you sure Angel. We can stay without crowding you for a few more days of honeymoon?"

"No Kirill I'll pay for a hotel in Phoenix for the two of but you are leaving here. Something bad happened to me. Something I need to get past without having you two flaunting and nose-butting into my life."

He nodded and finished his beer, he got up, setting the bottle in the recycle bin and headed for the stairs, "I'm going to pack." He looked at his wife who was crying, and he was at a loss he set a hand on the small of her back.

"I'm going to, and then we are going to go to the airport first thing in the morning. I love you, Angel. You know my number," She headed up the stairs afraid to touch him or look at Angel and closed the bedroom door before she let her sobs take her to the bed as Kirill sat beside her and he stroked her back.

"It will be okay. I know it will."

"No Kirya it won't. She hates me now, all these years and now she hates me."

"We will go to Tucson and be happy, dah? Dah. She will come when ready."

"You think so," Rain sniffed and leaned into him, "I hope so."

"I have heard the tales of Angel, Rain. Trust me she will show up. Let's go to bed." He kissed her and knelt to undress her a nightgown beside her.


Halex was just arriving back in Dubai, Oded picking him up and them two of them headed back toward the club and home. He was still spinning the rings on his fingers deep in thought and ignoring Oded until they parked and he got out, climbing the stairs to the apartments behind the club, the prodigious music still rattled the floors but the heavily built wall that separated them kept back most of the music. He couldn't believe he was going to bring Angel back to this. Oded got his bag inside, and the door was bolted as Halex picked up the bag and carried it down to his room and office at the end of the hall. He went inside shutting and locking the door and set his bag down. Then opened the curtains a bit to look out at the desert he called home. Everything was untouched from when he left except for the dusting, lord the constant dusting, and his bed had been made. He came out of his rooms and headed straight for the bar in their common rooms and kitchen. He made a drink and sat down, just trying to get her out of his head. Fuck her. That was how he had to think.

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