"Now that's a tall drink of dark and mysterious." Rain chuckled as she sat on the huge king size bed. "Why didn't you ever tell me McDreamy from your high school days was so handsome? Come on dish it. You said he was helping you with the drug issue what else is he helping you with?"

Angel sighed and sat in the wingback chair in the corner kicking off her heels, "No we haven't had sex, and yes he is dark and mysterious, and he has four men just as dark and big staying with him in his suite."

That made Rain stand again as she tilted her head, "Wait there is more of him?" She ran to a mirror to primp then stopped staring at her reflection in the mirror and sagged to the desk chair, "I'll be alone forever." She started to cry as Angel got up and fixed her hair, "You won't be alone forever my dear sister. There will be a man deep and mysterious that will look past your outer flaws and love the inner you, a man that won't balk at the scars. I think I have two beautiful dresses, let me check."

Angel smiled and went to her dress bag and flipped through the clothes in it. She pulled out two dresses, one a light mauve and the other a dark blue and she smiled handing the blue one to Rain, it would cover her chest, and she could get away with it in her underclothes she was wearing now. She urged her into the bath and Rain frowned, "What happened to her," She asked eyeing the pills scattered across the floor several crunching under a shoe.

"It happened early this morning I was upset that he'd thrown away all of my pills, these are some of my other pills." Scattering a few toward the sloped shower as she tried to hide her face as Rain hugged her close, "You should have called before I called begging for your expertise."

"I didn't know I was in trouble until I melted into Halex after writing him off as dead." She sighed and hugged Rain back. "Get dressed, and I'll do your makeup." She kissed her cheek and slid out of the bathroom turning on the news as she dressed in the main room. She was listening to the forecast for clear skies before cutting to a story on the flourish of the drug called Dragon, and what it was doing to the city. She quickly switched it off before zipping the mauve dress's zipper over her hip and up her torso and moved to the mirror to do her makeup as Rain emerged from the bathroom looking stunning in the blue number, "Its perfect on you Rain, my dear."

Rain smiled and leaned against the desk, "If he doesn't consider you the perfect catch tonight he's a fool." Rain looked her over, "Your killer."

"Says the woman that delivers babies for a living, you have the hands of God."

"You're biased."

"You will be the only woman I trust to deliver my children if there are any in my future." Angel smiled and did Rain's makeup, the effects drawing attention to her eyes and away from the tiny blue stitches across her face. She smiled as she put the finishing touches on as there was a knock at the door and Rain's eyes widened, "I don't know if I can do this." She whispered, and Angel's heard surged for her friend as she went to answer the door, finding Halex and a very disgruntled Midian standing in nice suits and Angel let them in.

"Angel, Rain." Halex said softly, "This is my friend Kirill. I thought Rain would like a gentleman to escort her this evening and he's the only gentleman I have not guarding a door." He smiled and kissed Angel's hand as Kirill nodded to them and grumbled a rough hello to Rain who just eyed him with her blue eyes. She moved closer to him, and Halex smiled saying something in that Arabic he used on the phone before and Midian moved closer to Rain, "Is nice to meet." He said to her as he held up his arm and she took it as Angel finished her makeup and she tucked her arm around Halex's arm and down they went to the ballroom.

Angel took in Kirill and Rain the man seemed kind enough now, his dark skin hidden by the bright white of his dress shirt and the crisp black of the suit jacket and Rain seemed not to mind that he didn't speak much. Angel then shifted her gaze up to her wall of a date and smiled. Halex was hers if even for a moment, and she patted his arm and told him to thank you for nodding toward Rain and Midian. "Is he a cousin?"

Halex shook his head, "Close enough he could be but no," He signed them in collecting their memorabilia for the event. A simple book of photos and info, address books, and beautiful champagne glasses for them and they even happily gave a set to Rain and Midian as they made their way inside. The music of years passed already beating in the room, and they found an empty table as people continued flowing in.

Rain smiled, "So this is what a prom is like?" She looked at Kirill who seemed interested in her words as he watched her, "I usually deal with what comes nine months after prom." She pats his hand as she looked around before pulling out the picture book flipping through it she showed him pictures of Angel and Halex. Though most of the photos had been taken by Angel they did a good job of showing Halex and the rest of the popular crowd." Kirill set his hand on one picture, "He looks sad. I never see him looking sad."

Angel looked at the pictures as Halex went to get them beers. She looked closer at the one Kirill had just sat down. The photo, "That was taken the morning my mom had locked me out of the house, I ended up in his house, his parents decided to take me in rather than calling the cops, and he found out how lucky he was to have his parents." She smiled at Kiril,l but always he gave the stone cold stare except what he offered Rain.

"Your mother was like mine then, I understand now why he is protective of you, why he would risk the world to help you." Then he went quiet taking Rain out into the crowded dance floor and danced with Rain, who seemed happy and even laughed as Halex appeared with beer and handed her one setting two of the three on the table and took a drink from his bottle as Angel smiled.

"So you are never sad in your new life I hear."

"Well not sad where anyone can see, I am plenty sad." He said sitting down.

Rain's dress swished around her thighs lightly as she turned in Kirill's arms and he smiled at her, telling her something when she was close that made her blush and she turned to look up at him. Rain seemed so childlike in the low dance light, and Angel suddenly felt protective like a mother lion, and she turned to Halex. "He's not going to hurt her will he? I'll kill him Halex." Halex shifted watching them, and he walked out to the two and slid Angel into their little group to dance with Rain as Kirill came back. "He says you have a talk with  me?"

She sighed. "I'm not angry, but I need to know your intentions toward Rain." Her green eyes slid over his dark ones as she crossed her arms. Taking a drink of her beer as Kirill thought quietly and shifted.

Kirill's dark eyes locked on Angel's as he took a drink of his beer and licked his lips, "She's a wonderful adult. She seemed happy. Would you deny her happy? I see past the lines, I see her. It can't last, but for the moment I give her happy." He got up fast enough the chair slid out from under him and rocked almost falling over as Angel felt chastised and she went back to her beer as her eyes lifted out to the dancing as Kirill leaned back toward the table and Halex came back.

"Get what you were digging for?" Angel sighed, "No I got chastised like a five-year-old in her mommies makeup." She sighed, and he held out his hand, "Come. Dance. It will make you feel better." Angel excepted hid hands and walked out with him just as it changed to a slow song, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, laying her head on his chest and listened to his heart.

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