Rain left on the Monday morning flight back to Arizona and her mothers-to-be. Angel healed and retreated into a deep depression which took her out of E.R. rotation and off being on call at the clinic or hospital. In fact, Angel wasn't safe to do much but consult until she was better.

Dixie had eleven pups right before Thanksgiving. Two black girls, one chocolate girl, and eight golden boys that matched Beau and both parents spoiled their puppies only making Angel sadder as she spent most of her time over the holidays spoon deep in pints of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food and Cherry Garcia.

Christmas came, and Georgia came calling, but Angel refused to talk with her. Once, the svelte beauty left, and Angel settled into her white leather sofa set in the main living room in a white dress with red ruffles and a bottle of champagne and drank straight from the bottle. She flipped through her phone to Halex's number and pushed the call number and waited for him to answer.

"Adler," cut through the line as Halex answered. For him, Christmas was over. He was just sprawled out, once more, naked as the day he was born, while his tattoo artist working on a white tiger down his right side that would cover for of the healed bullet wounds, "Hello," He asked again before looking at the caller ID, "Angel? Talk to me please."

Angel giggled softly, "What are you doing tonight, or is it tomorrow afternoon for you?" She took another long pull from the champagne bottle.

"Well Christmas is over, its the mid-morning of the twenty-sixth and I'm getting tattooed. Maybe you'll get to see it sometime, are you drunk? Did you drunk dial me?" Halex asked maybe a little sharper than he meant to. Because Angel went silent even her incessant giggling had stopped, and she was listening to him so hard she missed the key slide into the lock or the door open and close, and suddenly there was a glove over her mouth as Angel let out a terrified scream as she tried to bite the hand.

Tobias shook her so hard the phone slid out of her hand unnoticed and it bounced on the thick carpet and landed under the beautiful teak coffee table. The line to Halex still open as she got out a second scream as the spaghetti straps on the dress tore as he shoved it down bearing her breasts in the dull winter sun coming through the skylight.

"NO TOBIAS! STOP!!" Angel screamed at him swinging the champagne bottle but he deflected it with his arm, and it bounced off and hit the tile behind the couch shattering green glass everywhere she was defenseless now and fought as hard as she could. Angel cut her hands with the knife he used to free her from the dress.

Tired of her struggling he drew back his fist and popped her in the temple as hard as he could, and she went limp in his arms, and he took her again and again until she came to the feel of his flesh against hers made her gag, "Tobias! I said NO!."


Halex was still on the other side of the line struggling into a pair of pajama bottoms and a tee shirt as he rushed down the hall to his security room where Kirill sat flipping through screens and rolling computer to computer. "Call the police precinct for Angel's home, home invasion and get me the first flight out." He opened his wallet and set down a blue and grey credit card Quantico National Reserve across the front.

Kirill nodded and picked up the phone making the call as Halex's phone beeped low battery and he was frothing at the mouth until he heard her screams at the other man and the tears came until she was gagging and choking. She whispered as she tried to get out his name but only squeaked as Tobias vanished just as glass crunched under a steel-toed boot, "Ma'am?"


On the other end of the line, a male officer took up her cell while EMT's helped her onto a gurney and got her covered up as the man spoke into the phone. "Thank you for the help, she's going to St. Joseph's and will be there a few days. Do I tell her you're coming?"

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