Angel was feeling better in the last few days. She was sharing in Dixie's basking glory and even turning on the TV glad to not see her face or utterances of Tobias and her claims. It had been a week; Angel couldn't hide forever, she had patients to take care of. She was a brave soul, and after the New Year, she would return to the practice with Georgia unless she got fired and the contract was broken, then what would she do?

Halex had changed her front door locks and was even taking care of the puppies while Angel had spent most of her time in bed curled up sleeping and answering phone calls, Rain had gone home three days ago. Now it was New Year's Eve today, and Halex had to drag her out of bed and stripped the bed to wash her sheets as she had the TV going in the family room as she snuggled the already curious puppies who were starting to explore their basket. They made soft sounds and squeaked a lot, but Angel loved it. She was jerked out of puppy love when the news came on to a late-breaking story.

"Dr. Tobias Coates has been found. He was shot to death in the O'Hare parking garage. Tobias had gone unnoticed since Christmas the police announced just a few moments ago. The shot that killed him was not self-inflicted, but from a high power rifle likely from far away, the police have started a search for the possible killer this afternoon and all people having anything to do with Dr. Tobias and the present charges of assault and rape will be questioned on their matter in the case. The murder is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. More to come on this late breaking story at ten o'clock." Rebekah Niemeyer signed off on her story, and the show she was watching came back on but dread filled her stomach, and she looked around the family room.

"Halex?" Angel called her voice coming out like a small child as she shivered in fear and worry, not hearing him she called louder, "HALEX?!" Her voice was breaking with deep seeded fear as she called him several times, "HALEX!!"

Worried she'd hurt herself or a puppy he ran down the stairs arms full of bedding, "What? Are you okay? What's going on?" He threw the clothes at the laundry room door and turned to look at her, his eyes searching her face as he turned to see what she was pointing at "What?" Moving to check her over, "Oh Angel it's just the news I told you not to watch it because you'd hear bad things about the case." He moved to pop in Lord of the Rings and looked at her again, "What? What did you hear was it something about the case?"

"Tobias is dead someone shot him dead in airport parking." She was reaching for the phone as she looked at him kind of funny, "Did you have something to do with this? Don't think I don't know about your gun I saw you cleaning it yesterday..." she rambled off into nothing as she watched him. Her eyes full of pain for a moment thinking he could have done it, but then he wouldn't have been her savior, her Halex.

He shook his head, "No Angel." "That shot was fired from a rifle in like a pea out like a potato, and I carry a Glock that is as common as a police service firearm. I couldn't have done that. It was a powerful rifle; he apparently had some real enemies."

"Well it's what you were trained for isn't it... protecting princesses at all costs." She picked up the phone then and dialed Georgia's cell and listened to it ring. Her voicemail picked up the call, "Georgia is Angel. Call me when you get this." She hung up and set the chocolate girl on the floor with her siblings and carefully got up to help Halex with the laundry, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as she hugged him tightly.

"Yes I protect princesses, princes, sheiks, and tycoons at all costs and it puts money in my pocketbook. But it doesn't stop me from being a man to with fear and hard work at training. Some of my men are trained in the long distance firearms that would have done that but none of them came with me, I left them back in Dubai."

"If you did have something to do with this, I won't be angry, as long as you're honest." She stroked his back as the washer started and she shifted, "I'm worried about Georgia she's not going to take this well." He turned her around cupping her arms in his hands, "I had nothing to do with this and Georgia is of course in shock and pain her husband, murdered and you are the one pursuing a rape case against a man she loved and trusted. We need to get out of this house; you need to breathe in the real world again..."

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