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Annabelle's Point Of View

We took off, Matt led the way, aperently knowing where to go.

Louise's eyes were still filled with sadness, I couldn't imagine what it must be like... to loose your mate.

It must feel like your other half... is just a pit of blackness.

I shook my head, getting rid of the thoughts and continued following Matt.

Suddenly he stopped, "Get down... NOW!" He whispered.

I looked around, There was nothing to hide behind but boxes! How are we suposed to fit behind them?

Matt ducked down, he army crawled on the ground and pressed himself against the wall. I followed him, and we pressed ourselves against the wall, I could hear the muffled sound of voices and Louise managed to squeeze herself in with us.

"...and then all we have to do is get rid of everyne form Matt's pack dear," A deep voice grumbled.

"But most of them have already been... terminated," A girls voice said.

"Yes, but there are still a few that need to be finished off, I mean, They think they can hide... In my pack house!" The mans voice sounded amused.

"I know Hayden," The girls voice said, "We'll find them, I mean, there is already one in this room,"

I froze, had she detected us already?

I felt myself press farther back into the wall, this can't be happening!

"What?" The man, I'm assuming is Hayden, spoke.

"Yes, can't you see her?" She said, I relazed a little bit when she said 'her', but if she hadn't detected us, who had she detected?

"No, I can't see anyone..." He mumbled before Jess reached out with her hand and grabbed something. She punched the object and I heard something fall to the ground.

Jess jumped on something, and she pinned it down.

"Let me go!" A girls voice sounded from wich I couldn't see.

"As if," Jess said, she grabbed something in her hand, and stood up, I suspected the thing she grabbbed was the girls wrist.

Something materialized in the air and I saw the girl that had been talking.

Her deep violet eyes seemed to dart around through her long black hair as she snarled up at Jess.

"How did you get in?" Hayden spat at her.

"Like all the other materializers... through the door the girl opened," She told him, she managed to free her wrist from Jess's grasp and back away.

"What girl? Who let you in?" Hayden asked her.

"The brown haired girl, with the brown eyes, she was infront of the door where you kept all of your... prisoners..." She smirked evily. "Thanks for the hospitality but... She gave me a job... and I must complete it," The girl disapered again and a gust of air was sent past.

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