What the Hell?

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LIANNA By LiannaIsSuperAMAZING Updated 2 years ago
Annabelle is a werewolf. But she hasn't found out yet. Why? because she is the Alphas mate. and Alphas mates turn when there 16. instead of turning when they're 5 like the rest of the pups. She has lived her whole life with out knowing, but on her 16th birthday she goes to school and suddenly finds the attention of Chris. The hottest badboy-player in school. After a whole day of him cornering her and trying to kiss her she hurries home. Later, after getting ready for her birthday dinner with her parents, the doorbell rings. It's Chris.
Wait, at first Sara had naturally brown eyes but then at the end of this chapter you said she had flashing green eyes. Eh?
I am like totally confused so their kids are mates and are they in highschool ?
Great but don't have such long gaps I thought my iPod was slow so I waited 5 min
@Xxtriplethreatxx  Absolutely AWESOME .
                                                 			 		Phoenix49  xxx
@imacutie are you out of your mind?? omg this is why i shouldn't read comments
I like this book so far not done reading it yet but coundnt help but vote and coment after reading a few chapters :-)