Hey you guys!!!

This is Lianna.

 I thin Maybe I should stop saying this since it is my acount.... :)

and guess what happend to me you guys?!?!?

 I was opening my locker and guess what fell out??

You guess it yet??

Hmm??? Well I will give you  a Hint...

It is My favorite CANDY.

It has chocolate in it...

You guess it??

ok I'll Tell you..

 It was filled to the BRIM like not kidding Filled all around my books an there little wrappers.

It was filled with my fave... KitKats.


 I couldn't bring ANY of my homework home because my bag was "JUST TO FULL" of KitKats.

I don't know who it is But i have my suspisions...

Ok well hope you like this Part of the Chapter!

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is that ok?


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Part 2.

Annabelle's P.O.V.

Later that evening he finally left, promising to take me out in a while. Even though I was the one who suggested it, he was keeping our destination a secret.

Much to my annoyance.

I waited impatiently for the time to pass. Who would have thought that I’d ever be this excited about a date with Mr. Ego himself?

Certainly not me.

Chris’s only instructions to me were to wear something long-sleeved, with trousers, no heels, but still sexy. I honestly thought he was asking for the impossible, so I called Louise.

She arrived in record time with a face-splitting grin.

“Ooooh! You’re going on a date with him!... Again! The first one must’ve gone well.”

“Not exactly…But he’s going to make it up to me tonight.”

“Is he now? And how does he plan to do you then?”

“He’s gonna- wait what?!" I studered Realising what she had just said. "He’s not going to get that far with me tonight! You must be joking! I’ve known him for a couple of days, mates or not, he’ll be waiting a while.”

“Good on you. I couldn’t last that long…”

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