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Chris’s POV

I snapped and growled at Cole. How dare he come back?! I thought he’d learned his lesson the first time around!

My anger propelled me forward to tear a chunk of fur from Cole’s neck. He whined but continued with an attack of his own. His jaws latched around my back leg until I heard a sickening crack.

I howled in pain and I heard Anna whimpering as she knew I was in pain. I wouldn’t let Cole get his filthy paws anywhere near my mate, so I told her in my sternest Alpha voice.

‘Don’t come near either of us until I tell you it’s safe. He is dangerous and I don’t want him to get close to you. He will take you away from me. Is that clear?’


‘no buts Anna, you mean too much to me. I refuse to let you be taken away.’

She whimpered, but didn’t reply.

It was a stupid, amateur mistake, but I let my conversation with Anna distract me from the fight I was in. Cole changed and before I knew it, he had injected me with something.

It was some sort of anaesthetic, and within seconds I passed out onto the ground.

‘I’m sorry Anna, and I love you.’ Was my last thought before the darkness took over.

Anna’s POV

I did as I was told and rolled around in the rosemary bush, covering as much of my scent as possible with it. Tears streamed down my face; I was terrified for Chris. What if he didn’t win? What if Cole…killed him?! How was I supposed to live without my mate?

After a few minutes of cowering in my back garden I got a message from him and he told me to stay put. He didn’t want me to get hurt. Did he not see that by making me stay, knowing he was fighting, was painful too?

‘I’m sorry Anna, and I love you.’


The pain that ripped through my heart was excruciating. It was unbearable. It felt like someone had shoved their hand through my chest and ripped out my heart. I couldn’t breathe.

All I could process was that my mate was gone and never coming back.

My breaths were too short, too rapid, to get enough oxygen into my lungs. I passed out.

Cole’s POV

I couldn’t take her now; she would be hurting too much. She wouldn’t hear me out.

At least I had Chris now. She would track him down and come to me. I would finally have the object of my desire. I would have Anna, all for myself.

The thought made me smile, but I had some things to take care of first. Like Chris.

I grabbed him by his ankle and dragged him away. I knew just what to do with him.

Anna’s POV

“Anna, wake up! Tell us what happened!”

Slowly I came to, only wish I hadn’t. The incapacitating pain came back with a vengeance. I curled in on myself and tried to tell them what happened.

“Chris – he, he marked me. And-and then, we, we were in my car. He got r-really jumpy a-and b-bossy. C-Cole was –th-there. H-he told me t-to run, he w-wouldn’t let me stay. Th-they fought a-and n-now he’s…”

I couldn’t bring myself to say the words out loud, they’d make it permanent and all too real.

A soft hand brushed against my cheek affectionately. It was my mom.

“Honey, there’s no blood. He’s alive.”

Those words seemed to wake me up the slightest bit.

“How do you know he’s alive? He sent me a message before he-.”

“He was knocked unconscious. There’s still a needle on the ground over there. It was only a strong anaesthetic. He is alive. Now calm down before you end up giving yourself a heart-attack.”

More tears spilled down my cheeks.

“honey, why are you still crying? He’s okay. We’ll find him and get him back safely.”

“I know mom, I’m…relieved. That’s all. I honestly thought he was gone. That I’d never see him again-.”

“Don’t dwell on it. You will see him again. Come on inside, sleep tonight. Your dad and I will work with the rest of the pack on a strategy to get him back. Go to bed.”

“Okay, but I’m helping tomorrow.”

I was determined to get my mate back and get revenge on that rat-face Cole.

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