What The Hell? : Chapter 14

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“Get away from my Leslie now!” I bellowed.

I roughly shoved Anna away and she went sailing into the night sky.

I didn’t bother to check and see if she was alright; I only cared for the girl laying before me now.

I lifted her up and cradled her in my arms, noting with displeasure the length of her skirt. It was a belt!

Why did she go around letting males see her in such revealing clothes?

Her body was for my eyes only!

I stood up and made an attempt to leave.

Instead I came face to face with Anna and Chris, both of whom looked about ready to murder us both.

Leslie stirred in my arms and cracked open her eyes.

She snuggled deeper into me and murmered.



Cole's P.O.V.

I held Leslie who was starting to breath slower in my arms.

Chris and Anna  were aproching us and they shifted into wolves.

They snareled at us making Leslie wake up.

She looked around astonished and jumped out of my arms.

She glared at me for some reason and then looked over to see Chris and Anna.

She froze but quickly composed herself.

She shifter into the most beutiful wolf I had ever seen.

He coat was a warm gray and her eyes were still the wonderful sea blue that they had been before.

Her gray fur gave her the apperence of being sweet and gental, that was untill, she lunged t Anna.

I shifted into my wolf that was a white wolf with a patched gray back.

I lunged at Chris's wolf.

I felt him go limp under my weight.

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