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Hey guys, sorry for my feak out the other day, i shouldn't have gone and pestered you guys (:

Charlie helped me write this, well, I wrote it, but it was terrible filled with grammer errors and the story didn't even remotly match up to the last chapter.

That is what happens when someone messes with my head.

But thank god for Charlie who was nice enough to step in! Here is her little blurb for you guys!

And I lied, there is going to be atleast 2 more chapters before they gtet out of here, I was going to be nice in my largish paragraph but then it didn't work out ok?



Geeze I have to come up with a fancy-shmancy signature like that....


You missed me didn't ya?

It's ok, you can admit it (I have a feeling they like me more CharChar :~LIANNA~: )

HRM! Enough about me, about the story...

Hope you like it! I edited it from a huge paragraph with no periods, into what we have to present to you today.



See you guys!

(Here's my attempt at my fancy signature) >^CHARLIE^<


Annabelle's Point Of View (That means she can be called Anna, OR Belle! WHOA!!! --Charlie)

I struggled to get free of his grasp.

I tore at his leg, making a large clump of fur come out, but no other real damage was made.

He clawed at my side making me colapse on the ground.

I whimpered and he put his gigantic paw on my neck.

I felt the blood ooze out of his paw from a previouse blow I had given him and he pressed harder.

I whimpered before my vision went black and it felt like I had entered a wold of peace.

I looked around my surrounding and it was just black, as far as the eyes could see.

I heard a voice speak up making me jump before I recignised it as my inner wolf.

"You need to wake up and snap out of it," She whispered in my ear.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"I mean when you wake up, remember that Your alpha isn't Hayden, and you haven't found your mate yet, remember that your alpha and mate is Chris."

"What?" I gasped astonished.

"Just remember," Her voice spoke up before I was sucked back into the warmth of darkness.

Louise's Point Of View

I shot my eyes open and jumped off the bed.

I looked around and saw a small braceletenlodged in the wall.

I looked down at my hand as it sent a little pain through my wrist.

There was a black line, going through the center of many intricate designs.

"Did they mark me?" I asked feeling my wrist and feeling no pain or anything else, almost a numb feeling.

I went towards the door, and sneeked out.

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