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Anna's Point Of View.

"Who are you seeing? Why don't you want me? Am I not good enough for you?! Did I do something wrong?! Who is the other guy?!" He growled deeply. 

"There's nobody else! I-I... I wanted. No, I want to know why you haven't marked me yet! Do you not want me? Do you have someone else?" My voice filled with desperation as a searched his eyes. 

His eyes widened and he stared dumbly at me. 

A warm blush spread across my cheeks and I ducked my head down. 

He gently gripped my chin and kissed me gently. I kissed him back harder and our kisses became frantic. 

We wanted each other. 

Our wolves wanted each other. 

My fingers threaded through his hair and his wound tightly around my back pressing me as close as was humanly possible. He trailed kissed down my neck and tilted my head to give him better access. 

His tongue swept the area where my shoulder met my neck and a shiver ran up my spine. 

He kissed the spot once more. 

Then he sank his teeth into my flesh.


Mystery (Maybe someone from before) Persons Point Of View. 

I padded up the field in the woods. 

I could smell her. 

I needed to find her. 

I felt the warm breeze flutter though my fur as I followed the scent. 

I soon heard voices that sounded of laughter by a little lake. 

I walked forward and settled down to the bushes and decided to take a nap until I could claim her. 

I settled down and closed my eyes as sleep watched over me. 

I awoke to see the moon above me. 

I shook my head free of sleep and stood up. 

I heard a car well, a truck, start up and I saw my target in the front so I jumped in the back. 

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