What the Hell?: Chapter 25

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Alright guys, I was thinking... and I decided there will NOT be a sequel, although I might write a Novella, witch would be 10-15 chapters, and it wouldn't have much of a plot. 


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Chris's Point Of View

My anger blazing like fire as I jumped towards Hayden.

I had shifted into my human form, and in this building, cloths didn't rip off, almost as if it had a magical field preventing that from happening in here.

But that's beside the point.

I punched Hayden in the face and he fought back just as hard.

Matt, who was still in his wolf form, was trying to reach Jess, in her golden dragon form, hovering in the air. Matt was trying to reach her... but failing. Jess kept going higher and higher, making it nearly impossible for him to get her.

I focused on my task; Getting my revenge on Hayden.

He managed to punch my it the nose, making blood gush out, and probably Breaking it, and soon I punched him in the head, making him dazed for a moment. 

I threw him on the ground and slammed myself into him.

Suddenly, even though he was aware of what was happening, he stopped fighting back, not even blocking my punches.

"Fight back!" I yelled at him, giving him a punch to the face.

"Why won't you fight back?!?" I yell asked him, giving him another punch.

"Because I have nothing left to fight for," He said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Annabelle's Point Of View

"This way!" The girl on my back hissed and I stopped, nearly throwing her off.

"I can't see where you're pointing! Tell me a direction." I said a little annoyed.

She had been doing that almost the whole way here, and I wasn't even sure if we were getting closer or not.

"You're correct. You can not see. Go right down hallway," She told me and I ran forward.

I could hear Louis's paw steps thundering behind me as we approached a metallic looking door that was bolted shut.

My ears could only detect a faint sound from what was going on inside, but I could hear Chris's voice, and that was enough to make my wolf go wild, and ram itself into the door, making the girl who had been riding on my back, fall to the ground with a thud.

Her deep purple eyes were the only thing I could see floating in the air as she said, "No, you stay, while I do this,"

The door was suddenly flung open and the violet eyes disappeared just quickly enough before Matt, in his wolf form, was thrown out of the door, Jess in her golden dragon form hovering above him menacingly.

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