What the Hell? Chapter One.

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Pic of Chris is wolf form ------------------------> ha ha enjoy!


"Annabelle! Get your lazy butt out of bed before I go in and pour a jug of water on you!" Called my delightful father from downstairs. 

This was a daily routine of ours. He'd call me at seven. I'd fall back asleep. He'd call me again at a quarter past and if I still wasn't getting up, I'd get a threat like that. Of course, he did follow through with them if I dared ignore his warning. 

"Yeah, yeah! I'm up already." I grumbled. 

I was already clean from my shower last night. I frowned, why did I have my shower at night? Normally I leave them to wake me up in the morning... Oh yeah! Today's Friday April 26th, my birthday! My sweet sixteenth birthday! 

With renewed energy and excitement I ran around my room looking for something decent to wear. Eventually I decided on a pair of denim shorts with lacy black tights underneath and a racer-back t-shirt with a picture of Lola Bunny on it. I dragged a brush through my hair and scowled at my reflection. Why did I have to have frizzy hair?! Oh right, because my mom decided to finish my bottle of frizz ease! Muttering under my breath I twisted my coppery brown hair up and clipped in place. Much better.  

I brushed my teeth and wandered over to my dressing table. Our school had a no make-up policy, but with some of the girls caked on faces you'd think it was the opposite! Seeing as it was a special day, I chose to be bold-ish. I painted a black line of black gel eyeliner over a light shimmering eye-shadow. Some mascara over my already long eyelashes and a coat of lip gloss later and I was ready to go. 

I skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Both of my parents stood there smiling at me. They looked like they had some huge surprise that they couldn't wait to tell me. Weird... 

"Honey! Happy birthday!" They said simultaneously. They then handed me a package. "Here's your birthday present." 

I raised an eyebrow. "Really? I thought it was a Christmas present." I said sarcastically. 

"Oh, ha ha. Aren't you funny? Now, hurry up, open it and then get away to school or you'll be late." 


Inside lay a beautiful black dress. It was fitted at the top but flowed out into an A-frame skirt and reached mid-thigh. I already had in mind the perfect shoes to with it. 

"It's gorgeous! When do I get to wear it?!" They laughed at my eager tone. 

"Tonight. But we're keeping our lips sealed. Just be ready for 7pm. Now get to school!" I hugged each of them, snatched my school bag from the floor and ran out the door. 

School was only a ten minute walk, one I walked alone. It didn't bother me though. I simply listened to music to keep myself entertained. 

Once I arrived at school I unplugged my earphones and shoved them into my pocket. My best friend Louise came running over to me. 

"Happy Birthday! You are now sixteen! Woohoo!" She might have looked a bit psycho, but she was the funniest girl I knew. She handed me a card. 

I opened it to find two tickets to go see Rihanna live in concert. I squealed in delight and attacked my friend in a hug. 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you!-" 

A loud growl ripped through the air. I jumped in fright and shock and whipped around to see Chris, the school's hottest player\/bad-boy glaring at me. I backed up slowly. He seemed feral, almost...wolf-like. 

"Why is he growling?" I whispered to Louise. Only to notice she wasn't standing beside me anymore. Panicked, I made a break for it, towards the school building. I slammed into a wall. What the-? There was no wall on the steps! I glanced up and saw Chris smirking down at me. His arms snaked around my waist and I yelped. 

"What are you doing?!" I demanded. Sure, I'd talked to him before, but he had never shown an interest in me like this! 

"I've waited so long." He murmured. He pulled me tighter against him and buried his head in my hair, inhaling deeply. "You're finally mine." 

This was a little wake up call. I backed out of his grasp, turned on my heel and bolted. Out of breath I grabbed my books from my locker and turned to go to class, when he appeared in front of me.  

"It wasn't very nice of you to run away from me you know." 

"It wasn't very nice of you to scare away my friend. Now leave me alone. I have to get to class." 

"Not anymore you don't." He trapped me against the lockers with his body and I couldn't move. He stroked my cheek with his fingers. His long artistic fingers. He was mega-hot, and I knew that at least half the girls in the school would kill to be in my position right now, but I wanted him to go away. He couldn't just come over to me and start...this, without asking me first! 

I did the one thing I knew would get rid of him and fast. I kneed his groin. Immediately he dropped and I sprinted away, finally free. 

This is pretty much what went on for the whole day. Him tracking me down, trying to corner me and kiss me, then me somehow making an escape. 

I was exhausted by the end of the day and I dropped into bed, planning to close my eyes and rest for a bit. I was woken by the sound of footsteps ascending the stairs and heading for my room. I glanced at the clock and almost choked; it was half six! 

I scrambled out of bed, grabbed my new dress and had the fastest shower in the history of fast showers. Once clean and dressed I re-did my make-up, only making it slightly more visible and flew down the stairs just as the clock in the hall chimed it's seventh bell. 

"Oh honey, you look wonderful! Doesn't she dear?" My dad for his part seemed only partially displeased to see such a short dress on his only daughter and held his tongue, so as not to insult me. 

That's when I noticed neither of my parents were dressed up. They were still wearing their work clothes. I frowned as the doorbell went. My mom jumped up and hurried to the door at break-neck speed. 

"What's going on dad? Why aren't you and mom dressed up for wherever we're going?" 

"Honey, what on earth are you going on about?" My mom asked me. "I wonder why he didn't tell her." She muttered to herself. I was more confused than ever, now. She opened the door and welcomed our guest inside. 

I knew that smell. I knew that voice. When I looked up, I knew that body too. 

"Chris?! What the hell are you doing in my house?!"


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