What The Hell?: Recap of what has happened due to requests

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Hola guys, I wanted to tell you exactly what is going on here with this story.

The otherday, I got 36 messeges asking whatwas ahppening with my story "What The Hell?", they said they didn't really get what's going on...


You people are in luck becauseI am hereto explain what isgoing on.

But before I do, I want to say thank you, to all you people who have suported thisstory, I never imagined it to get almost 400,000 reads to date, it amazes me everytime I look at this!

Secondly, I want to thank Charlie, who helped me get my computer back to post this, and also for crossing two of my books over. That really sucked to write charlie.It really... SUCKS!

THIRDLY!!! I will be posting a character list, and an interview for this book after this chapter, yes, I personally went out and interview these people... in my head (:

And fourth! Ok, there is no fourth, I just wanted to say that.

Enjoy the recap ofwhat has been going on guys... it is basically a summery from when Chris, Annabell, Lousie, andthe rest of the pack get kidnappedby Hayden! Ok? HERE IT GOES!!!


Chris was in the hospital, waking up from the pain of a micro-chip Cole had inserted in his body.

He was barley awake before BLAMO!

The wall is blown up, making a cloud of wall particles fly into the air, creating a little bit of a shield to Hayden and Jess to come inside.

When the dust cloud finally cleared up, Hayden and Chris have a little wolf-fight thing and Hayden wins.

He manages to capture them in cages and take them to his SECRET FORTRESS!! (play secret agent music)

Chris escapes the boxes thanks to a girl named Jake, along with Cody, Jackson, and Carly.

He soon finds that.. Annablee is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!

Oh no! What will he do?!?!

Well, he goes looking for her, and obviously Jess and Hayden find them.

They put a colar on hris that makes him do what Hayden says, no matter what happens.

Now the story switches into Louise's Point Of View.

She has a braclet on, and manages to break it off, she escapes the infermary, and finds a SECRET ROOM!

She goes down the tunnel leading to it, and she finds a computer, a SECRET COMPUTER that holds all of haydens secret crap about Jess.

It tells her that Jess isn't Hayden's Mate, but some guy named Matt! Hayden has just put a spell on her to make her THINK she is her mate.

OoooOooooh! A bit mate-twister there huh?

Well Hayden finds her in the computer room, looking at all Jess information, he takes out a gun, and even though Louise tells him it would be like killing someones mate, and then he said:

"I've already been rejected,"

Whoa! Criss-cross!

That means he had a mate, but he rejected him, so he went and found Jess!

Well in the end he shoots Louise and everyone thinks that she's dead!


Chris is woken up... BY NO ONE OTHER THEN COLE!!!

He tells him he needs to break that bracelet he is wearing, that is the 'Only way he can save his clan and crap'

So Christ Breaks the braclete, and he is set free from the spell Hayden put over him! HOORAY!!!!!

Next Annabelle wakes up, she remembers how someone in her dream told her to smash the bracelete, so she does and then she fights with the male nurse and asks him where her mae is, he of course has no fricking clue.

Rendering him useless.

Jake runs in and says she needs help, Annabelle goes with her to THE SAME ROOM LOUISE WENT INTO!!!!

Annabelle see's Louise, she freaks out, and then Jake injects her with a liquid and she imediatly gets better.

Next Louise is awake in the same spot, except she is no longer shot!

AHHH!! What wizardry is this you ask?

The potion Jake injected her with! remember? Gosh..

Annabelle promises Jake that if she ever needed to sacrifice herself for Jake, she would, just ecause she saved Louise's.

How nice is that?

Well, Jake says she wants he to save her life now because...

Bum bum bum!!!!!

Haydens there!

So because I'm evil I cut it off there and moved it back to Louise's Point Of View!

She wakes up in the same place, and she IS HEALED!!!!!

A man Named Matt came out and tells her he needs her help to get HIS mate back...



He know's her name, and when she asks how, the computer screan behind her says that she.... IS DEAD!

But she isn't! hayden just THINKS she is!!!

Jake, some out, and says, "Don't attack me! I am you savior! I saved you!"

Well, not in those exact words but you catch my drift!

Wait-- For you guys who weren't paying attention, That means,,,, ANABELLE SACRIFICED HERSELF FOR JAKE!!!!


But, Jake know's how to get Matt's mate back... she runs off, and that's where we leave it....



Hope you liked this recap guys! vote...



New chapter should be coming soon!


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