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Annabelle'sPointOf View

“Getting my mate back,” Jess mumbled, kissing Matt back, with extreme force.

“No…” I barely heard Hayden whisper.

Jess started to glow again, and I felt my head get dizzy, but I fought back. Soon, both Chris and Hayden were down, an were soon followed my Matt and Jake. I fell to the ground, pretending as if I had fainted too, but trying desperately to hold on to the little bit of consciousness that I had.

“Thank god.” A whisper came from Jess as she moved away from Matt and over to Hayden. “Trying to leave me? Trying to get rid of me? It’s not gonna be that easy,” She spat down at Hayden’s unconscious body.

It took everything within me to not get up and maul her as she shifted into an unfamiliar animal, and threw Jake on her back, growling, wings sprouted from her back, and that’s when I realized it.

She had full control of what was going on, and she can manipulate any animal, into anything. I have... Have to….. my head felt suddenly dizzy and as I closed my eyes, a few men gathered around me and Chris, and lifted us up, before I fell into unconsciousness, along with everyone else.

Louise’s Point Of View

I looked down, my hands sweating from the extreme height of the tree. I managed to climb the rest of the leafy tree, and walked out one step on a branch, that was just touching a shining window. I knew I would have to time this right, if I was ever to make it though the window, so I took a step back, and ran two steps before shifting into my wolf and flying into the window, causing it to hatter with enormous force.


“Oh Shit!” I cursed under my breath as I shifted back into my human form and ran for the little bit of life I knew I probably had.

“Oi! Man, come check this out!” I heard a thick Irish accent call from behind me, “A little filly is trying to break in!”

“Come on then,” another man with about the same accent sounded back, their voices getting softer as I kept running… running for my life. “Let’s get her before she gets away then!”

“No…” I whispered through my ragged breaths. Footsteps pounded behind me, and I knew if I changed into my wolf right now, they would easily over-power me. I was stronger in my human form, so I would stay that way.

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