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Annabelle’s P.O.V.

I walked out of the house and headed for my tree house. (I know it sounds lame but I built it with my Best friend when we were 12) no one knows about it but us. I whipped out my phone and started texting my friend Louise.

Me: Hey goin for a wak to our tree house. Chrs ws at my house fr som reson.

Louise: Wt?! u cnt b outsde! Go bck hm now!

Me: What the Hell lou? Chrs & u r tellin me tht?! What the hell!?!

Louise: I cnt tll u bt get bck insde!

Me: Hell no! I cnt--

I didn’t finish that text because the phone dropped from my hand. I looked in front of me. There stood the biggest wolf I have ever seen. And he was moving towards me, and growling.

I screamed.


My scream echoed through the night air. My heart was beating frantically and my mouth was dry.

I couldn't believe there was a larger than life wolf standing before me, growling. Drool spilled from his lips to reveal wickedly sharp teeth, glinting in the moonlight.

My phone rang and at a glance I could see it was Louise calling. That snapped me out of frozen trance. I scrambled to my feet and jumped straight out of the tree house.

I didn't think my plan through; I was over-taken with fear. As I landed I got foot-shock, and damn did it hurt!

I heard a thump from behind me and knew immediately that it was the wolf. The pain in my feet forgotten, I took off.

He chased me and kept a certain distance from me the whole time. Every time I tried to go in the direction of my house he snapped at my heels.

He was herding me further into the forest.

I tried calling out for help but I was out of breath and if I wanted to suck in enough air to shout, I'd have to stop. I couldn't stop.

After ten minutes or so, although it felt like hours to my burning lungs, a sickening crack resounded through the air.

Pain erupted in me like a volcano and I crumbled to the ground. It was impossible to move. I couldn't feel any of my limbs, but I certainly felt the searing fire tearing me apart.

I saw the gray wolf sit down in front of me, watching me. I was gasping trying to get some oxygen into my lungs.

"What...did...you...do...to...me?" I managed to puff out.

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