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The room was silent. Neither Jess, nor Louise made a move. All they did was stare each other down. I felt bad for Matt, having to stay perfectly still or else his neck would snap.

Suddenly, Jess fell to the floor, and I saw a shiny object on her arm. My eyes flicked to Hayden, who had froze in the position in which he must have thrown the.... Well... what was it?

"Hayden what did you do?" Jake asked.

"I just made everything better," He told her before he kissed Jake.

Louise Dropped Matt, who gasped on the floor. Chris opened his eyes and managed to smile at me.

"What... What's going on here?" I heard a softer, less hostile voice ask confused.

"Jess?" Matt whispered.

Suddenly, Jess stood up and started to glow. I backed up, scrambling on the ground before everything went blank, and I slipped into unconsciousness.


Annabelle's Point of View

Finally everything came back into focus.

I sat up, and noticed I was still in my clothes when Jess had... well, exploded or something.

I soon realized we were still in the same metallic silver room we were in when we had all been knocked unconscious.

My body did an involuntary shiver as I looked around to see Jess gone.Where did she go? She was no were to be seen, and the only way to tell she was there before, was the ceiling had almost completely disappeared.

Looking a if she had flown out the roof.

I was the only one who had come out of the unconscious state, and I tried to wake Chris.

"Babe, wake up," I whispered into his ear. He groaned, as if he was a kid again, not wanting to be woken up by his mother.

I rolled my eyes, laughing slightly, and I heard someone shift behind me.

Matt stood, in his wolf form, looking around, growling, as if he wasn't sure where he was.

"Matt! Calm down, everything's fine," I told him. He shifted back into human form, and I was seriously grateful to whatever magic was making all of our clothes stay on when we shifted.

"Where did Jess go?" He asked me and all I could do was shrug and point towards the ceiling.

"She left," I heard a voice rumble.

"How do you know Hayden," Matt spat, "All you did was ruin my life, and you dragged all these poor people into this mess to,"

"At least I know where I sent your mate," He spat back at Matt, but his word didn't seem truthful.

"Well then, why don't you share it with me, so then I can go get her?"

"Why should I?" Hayden asked, smirking.

"Damnit Hayden, just tell him where you sent that girl, it will make everything go back to normal," Jakes voice spoke up through the argument.

Hayden's eyes flicked between Jake and Matt, as if thinking about what he was going to do, "Fine," He growled.

He threw something over at Matt, who caught it just before it hit the ground.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Matt asked, frowning.

"It's a tracker, it'll show when she's getting close," Hayden rolled his eyes, as if it was so easy to figure out.

"Thanks," Matt managed to mumble as he looked at the screen, but confusion was still on hi face as he examined the box he had been given.

"Hayden, I have a question for you," Louise said, sitting up. Her eyes flashed gold, but when I did a double take, the gold I saw... was gone. "Why did you bring everyone here? Why would you in the first place?"

"Because I need the power," He muttered.

"What was that?" She asked. I looked into her eyes, and something didn't seem right... What was wrong with Louise?

That's when it hit me.

I stood up and ran over to Louise. Chris was about to say something when I punched her straight in the face.

Suddenly, Louise's body flickered from Jess, and back to Louise.

She looked up at me, gold blazing in her eyes.

"What the Hell? Jess?" Hayden asked, but i's pled didn't seem as if he was serious.

He knew this would happen.

Jess's head... well, Louise's head turned toward Hayden, and she smirked.

"No, I'm Louise!" She squeaked.

"There is no way in f**king hell that you are Louise," I spat at her. Her smirk faded to a frown as she looked at me. "What did you do with Louise?" I spat at her.

"I didn't do anything to myself, I'm right here!"

I couldn't take it anymore. I punched her in the face, her shifter flickering again before she tackled me to the ground.

"Girl fight!" Hayden laughed but was soon shut up as Jake slapped him in the face.

I felt Jess shift forms again as she was underneath me and I punched her again. 

Soon she struggled away and stood.

My eyes widened as I saw her.

It was if I was standing in front of a mirror.

"Jess, Where did you put Louise?" She asked me.

"What?" I asked stepping back, astonished.

"I said, what did you do, with Louise," Her teeth were gritted.

"I didn't do anything! You're the one who took her! What did you do with her?"

"Annabelle!" Chris yelled. I shot my head over to him and he looked from me to Jess.

"You don't seriously believe that I'm Jess do you?" Jess asked him taking a step forward.

"I... I don't know..."

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