What The Hell?: Chapter 20

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Hey guys This is the second to last chapter where the books cross over!

This book is most likely going to end at 26 to 28 chapters! I kinda have it mapped out... not sure about a sequel.... do you want one?

Ok, happy reading!



Chris's Point Of View

I blinked my eyes open a few times.

I managed to sit up with a couple of failed attempts.

My head was spinning, and the room wobbled back and forth.

I waited a couple of heartbeats before my eyes refocused themselves, and I looked around.

It was a small room, plain almost, just a white color, the cot I was in, and no other furnichure.

The only thing that was standing out to myself now, was the white door.

I managed to climb out of bed, despite my muscles protesting, and I walked owards the door.

When I reached for the handle, a shocking mount of pin was shot through my arm.

I grabbed it hoping it would make it go down, but it made it worse.

I let go immediatly and yelled in pain.

It was nothing like the pain from a blow landed by an opponent, this was much worse, like my arm was being completely torn off my body.

The pain subsided soon and I decided to not move it anymore.

The door slammed open and standing in the doorway, was Jess.

I looked at her, all my hatred pulling out from my eyes.

She smirked at me, like she thought I couldn't do anything, so I lunged at her, but she just stood there.

And just like before, pain shot up throught my arm and I fell to the ground, this pain was more then berible.

She crouched down, so she was at my hight, she leaned in and whispered, "You know why that's happening? Well, that bracelet has got into your nervous system, and that means if you try to do something like you tried, well you know the results."

My hopes sunk.

I knew what she had said was true.

She came even closer and I tried to hit her.

My body jolted as the pain shot through my whole body, not as painfully as when it was just in my arm, but I yelled in pain none the less.

 She shook her head and put another bracelet on my other arm, and on my legs.

This time, when I tried to strike her, the pain was like fire, electricity and lava were hitting me from all angles and running through my veins.

I yelled even louder.

I wanted to die.

Then it stopped.

It was too much for me to handle.

So I blacked out.


I groaned awake.

I felt as if every bone in my body was broken.

I sat up. I was in the same room but there on my bed, there was a tray of food and water.

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