Chris's Point Of View

Her eyes were clouded with tears and I could see the tear tracks from before.

"I can't.." I mumbled, "I'm in too muc--" I shook as another wave of pain was shot through my body and I couldn't take it any more.

"I love you Belle, never forget that." I breathed the pain seeping into my voice.

"No, Chris..." She cried before I felt myself slip into a cold and dark place.

"I love you..." I heard someone cry as I fell under what I thought, was death.


Annabelle's Point of View

I watched as he closed hims eyes.

"I love you..." I told him as the doctor picked him up and besically threw him on the bed and he must have called for all the nurses to come in.

Something shoved me back and out of the room.

"No! He's my mate!" I screamed trying to get through.

""I'm sorry, we need to do a full body scan and then find out whats wrong. you can't be in here for that." The man said before closing the door.

"But... Chris..." I mumbled tears streaming down my face.

My body felt like collapsing. The connection between Chris and I was flickering on and off and I was starting to get worried.

Why would Cole do this? He had no motive for doing this, he has his own mate and so why should he hurt Chris or me?

My mind was racing before I felt a presence next to me.

"Are you ok?" A familiar voice speak up.

"No, my mate is in there dieing, and they wont let me go in... what if he dies Lou?" I cried.

She wrapped her arms around my shounders and engulfed me into a hug.

"Shh... shhh... it's going to be fine.... Hey, why don't we go do something to get your mind off of it? If you ever feel like you should come back, we can." Louise told me encouragingly.

"Alright, I guess it could help..."

"Well, let's go! I have just the place!" He squeeled in excitment.

The connection between Chris and I was still on and I could feel it getting stronger by the minute.

"Ok... but shouldn't we be here in case he wakes up?" I asked.

"Yes, and that why we are staying here, but let's go, I was going to show you this when you had some spare time from Chris, but now i think we need to use it."


We walked into a room that was attached to Louises and My eyes widend in shock.

"What... When did you do this?" I asked.

"It was going to be for us to hang out, happy early birthday," She smiled.

"Oh my god..." I mumbled as I looked around.

The walls were painted a light purple and had Louise and my indside jokes written in white on the walls.

There were 2 pink couches with some purple pillows, and there were neon colored bean bags scattered throughout the room and there were blacklights in all for corners of the celing, and in the middle of the celing, there was a curvy sivler rod that held up fading lights.

I looked over and saw a flat screen TV that was sitting in a large dark brown wooden cabnet that reached the floor, and hd many shelves that held Wii games, X-box games, and different types of movies.

"How did you do this without me noticing?" I gasped.

"We only did it at night, and we used the windows, you are a really deep sleeper!" She aughed.

I laughed back at her before my mind went balnk and I felt the most aweful pain I could ever expirence.

"Oh no... Lets get back.. NOW!!!" Louise yelled and she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs.

'Hang on Chris, I can still tell your there.... just hold on....' I thought to him desperatly.

But slowly and slowly, I was losing hope.



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