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Annabelle's Point Of View.

I grabbed for the object that had inplanted in Chris's neck.

A trickle of blood found it's way down to my hand as I pulled the dart out.

I looked outside but saw nothing.

The doctor wrapped some gause around the wound and it imediatly filled with the red liquid.

I saw Chris's face grow paler and I recignised the wound hole as I pulled the gause off.

"Tweezers, I need tweezers!" I exclaimed and I was hannded them imediatly.

I delecatly drew out the piece of matal that was holding the wound open and The blood stoped flowing as much.

Chirs's eyes opened a crack and I dropped the tweezers in surprise.

"Where am I?" He asked with a raspy voice.

"Oh Chris! Your alright!" I squealed happily before he crushed his lips against mine.

"Thank god! I was so worried!" I told him.

"I think I'll be fine for now, but i'm sleepy.. I'm going back to sleep." He said and before I could stop it, he was out.

"He will be fine, don't worry." The doctor said.

"You are positive?" I questioned.

"Yes. We found the source of the pain." He took the dart and held it up.

Under he dried blod, atached to the tip, was a little blue chip.

"There muct be a remote for it, and when they wanted him to feel pain, they would just hit the switch and he would get it. This dart penatrated the skin close enough that it went through the chip and destroyed it. We need to get rid of this, before something happens." He said.

I looked over and the Nurse was putting some type of cream on Chris's wound and the color in his face was returning.

"Thank you," I told her.

She nodded and went back to her work.

I glanced out the window and did a double take.

There were moving objects outside swerving through the trees and I couldn't identify what they were.

I of course, assumed the worst and I let my mind take over as alpha while Chris was sick.

'Half of the fighter wolves partrol the border. Potential intruders, be on the look out," And before anyone could ask any questions I shut my mind link to all of them off.

I took Chris's hand in mine and it was strangly cold.

I tried warming it up but it just made my hand cold.

"Oh Chris, please wake up..." I begged him, knowing he was only asleep but I was still worried.


I woke up with a start Chris was still asleep and I streatched.

"Hey! Your BOTH up!" Lou yelled from the doorway.

Chris almost jumped out of bed waking up and looked around confused.

"It's alright Chris... it was just Louise," I told him and he sighed.

"I... What.... What happened? how come I'm in the hospital? Where's Chandler?" He asked.

"Chandler? No he's not here right now, sorry sweet pea!" Louise chirped making me growl at her.

She may be my best friend, but this is my mate.

"Oh! ya sorry about that..." She mumbled.

"But Chandler... He talked to me!" He said looking like he was getting mad and his heart rate was speeding up.

"Calm down," I placed my hand on his and his heart rate sped up even more.

"No... he was here...." he mumbled.

His heart rate slowed down finally and I sighed with relief.

"I know, maybe it was just dre--" I was cut off from a large boom crushing the wall into big chunks.

I staumbled back surprised and chris jumped out of the bed and shifted, trying to protect me, but I could see that he was shaking just trying to stand up.

The dust was finally clearing and nothing apeared in the archway that had been created.

"What?" Louise asked from behind me.

"I--I don't know!" I gasped.

A man walked through the doorway that had creepy light green eyes with black swirls in them, his hair was a light brown and he was smirking, as he was proud of what he did.

"What do you want?!? Why are you here?!?" I asked angrily taking a step forward.

"Who is your alpha?" He said totally ignoring my question.

Chris took a step forward growling and the man laughed.

"Youu think you can take me? Alpha Blackwood, even you know you can't take me. You are recovering from some pain you went through arent you?" He smirked.

I gasped.

"How do you know about that mysterious person?" Louise asked mad.

"'Mysterious Person'?" He laughed.

"Wel I don't know who the hell you are so what else am i suposed to call you?" She asked again mad.

"You can call me Hayden." He smirked.

"And this," He gestured to a girl who walked out and was wearing short white shorts and a hot pink lasangna strap tank top and you could see the edge of her pink bra. Gross.

"This is--" He got cut off by the girl.

"You can call me Jess."


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