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The Street Fighter|✔️ by Gemini1002
The Street Fighter|✔️by Gemini1002
Annabelle's life is harder than anyone could ever imagine. She spends her days locked in her room not wanting to talk to anyone but her best friend Alyssa. Sage Valentin...
  • belles
  • undergroundfighting
  • sage
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OUTCAST | GLEE by filmnoir_
OUTCAST | GLEEby b e a
~Rewritten version of A Fresh Start~ Annabelle Anderson is an outcast. Always has been, and has accepted that she always will be. Which is why she doesn't want to join t...
  • fresh
  • ryder
  • start
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It Started With a Murder by BlurryWords
It Started With a Murderby Alice
Annabelle Dickson is the most popular girl at Hillton high school. Annabelle Dickson is the nicest girl you'll ever meet. Annabelle Dickson is dead. And Adrian Humphrey...
  • cathie
  • diary
  • romance
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This all started with a parkingspace, I'm not supposed to fall in love! by baseballguirl
This all started with a Meghan
McKenna Woods was never a complete loner, nor the most popular kid in school. She's got an additude, and not afraid to tell you how she feels. One day, she landed herse...
  • roadtrip
  • good
  • get
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Maybe Someday by ScarletWSilver
Maybe Somedayby Scarlet W Silver
My name is Annabelle Rogers and I was born in the 1910's. I am Steve's twin sister and younger by almost fifteen minutes. He went off to war and I was taken by an organi...
  • annabelle
  • sister
  • youngersister
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One Last Kiss by danamayfield
One Last Kissby Dᴀɴᴀ
Annabelle Jenkins is not a normal girl. The people around her think she’s just the quiet, smart girl but they don’t truly know want her ‘problem’ is. Her problem, she ca...
  • crush
  • last
  • derek
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The Love (Not) Article by xXPowerPuffGirlsXx
The Love (Not) Articleby xXPowerPuffGirlsXx
Cynical_knight. When she first read his snarky and rude comments to her column in the local Gazette, Annabelle initially didn't know whether to be amused or to burn with...
  • article
  • cynical
  • rude
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The Boy with the Mohawk by chloelove28
The Boy with the Mohawkby Chloe
Cheyenne & Drew are together & they are the 'it' couple .But Cheyenne doesnt want to be that girl. Will a guy change her mind?
  • teen
  • drew
  • annabelle
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All's Fair in Love and... Survival? by sparklyapple
All's Fair in Love and... Survival?by sparklyapple
Annabelle Hastings is New York bred and the most outdoors she gets is the balcony of her high rise apartment. When her flight to Canada goes wrong she finds herself lost...
  • survival
  • matt
  • hate
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Tempest by anon23
Tempestby anon23
It started with a dream. A dream Grace found all too familiar. Soon she gets strange flashes where she sees people and places she has never seen before. And there's one...
  • power
  • james
  • annabelle
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You Turned My World Upside Down by WannabeloveD
You Turned My World Upside Downby WannabeloveD
Welcome to Lauren's life. It's full of unexpected twists and turns. She started off her summer with just like any other summer, but when she has to live at her boyfrien...
  • blake
  • explain
  • jake
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Thou Shalt Not Kill by ScottT30
Thou Shalt Not Killby ScottT30
When Charlie Danielsen's life ends he realizes it's only the beginning of his story. Through death he comes to terms with the secrets of his past and his suicide. When h...
  • epilogue
  • annabelle
  • seek
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Last Chance (on hold) by Shortiexxxxx
Last Chance (on hold)by Claudia Loughnane
  • slap
  • hysterical
  • kiss
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Confessions From My Dead Mother by topazfairy
Confessions From My Dead Motherby topazfairy
Lessons get learned and sometimes they are learned by those in need of them most. When the most popular girls in school takes a few wrong turns she has a lot of hard les...
  • mystery
  • littleblackwings
  • mysterycontest
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The Siren Song by maddieangel27
The Siren Songby Maddie
After his girlfriend Angel disappears, Luke is devastated. Little does he know that Angel is a siren, along with three other girls. When Angel comes back to town, posing...
  • luke
  • annabelle
  • alexia
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Mercy by hellokittyfreization
Mercyby Jennifer
Seventeen year old Annabelle Lopez is still to get over the loss of her best friend, Rina, who was like a sister. While Annabelle's eldest brother, Dexter, is being taug...
  • love
  • funny
  • chris
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