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Annabelle's Point Of View:

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. My brain was on overload and I could feel the sweat roll down the side of my face asI turned my head and stared.

Jake stood, her legs shaking with pain. Her face laced with anger.

"STOP!!!" Her light voice still sounding soft, even though she was clearly trying to yell.

The whole arena went silent, all eyes flipped to her as she struggled to walk forward, her steps kicking up dirt.

Jake struggled forward. Jess eyeing her in disgust, trying to decide what to do. Confusion and hatred clouding her gold eyes as she turned toward Jake, putting one foot back, as if bracing herself for a fight.

"Please..." Jake mumbled, her voice weaker then before, "not.. My...." Her voice faded as her hand lifted from her side, and she fell.

Her hand landed in Hayden's, the most simple touch I have ever seen. Hayden's eyes glazed over, I searched them, trying to figure out what was going on.

My mouth hung open. The scene was quiet. The large arena was silent except for Hayden's struggled breathing.

Finally someone interrupted the silence.

"Pathetic," Jess scoffed. Her voice seeping with evil, "do it." She commanded Matt. "Do it and get rid of him. I have no use for him, he's worthless, along with," she spit down on Jakes head,"this," her mouth scowling.

Matt growled. His jaws dripping with drool, dripping slowly onto Hayden, who looked as if he had given up hope.

"Matt... Please..." Hayden struggled to talk, his pitiful voice begged for mercy.

Jess took a daring step forward towards Matt. He growled, his eyes flowed with resentment... And something else... Love?

"Matt," Jess pleaded, her voice suddenly softer... Kinder, "you have to realize... This.. Pathetic excuse for a human, ruined your life... Don't you think that..." She looked away, my mouth still hung open, the show she was putting in was unbelievable, "if he's gone.." She started speaking quieter, leaning in slowly to Matt, "that we could... Be together?"

"Matt, don't fall for it," Chris pleaded, "she just wants you to get rid of him, so she doesn't have to deal with it herself." Chris stood, I looked at him astonished, why speak up now?

Matt's eyes were unreadable. I got up, struggling a but before I stood behind Chris. He growled again, but this time it was different.

He backed away. His paws seemed to drag on the floor as he got of of Hayden.

Hayden sat up, gasping for air. He struggled over to jake, who he kissed on the head multiple times, "I'm so sorry," he whispered into her ear.

Jess stomped her foot, "Is this it then?" She looked at Hayden, her eyes somehow softer then before.

My brain was searching for why she was acting like this. I looked at her eyes. They were flickering. Not gold, not brown... They were flickering between the two.

I was confused, did Hayden's affection between him and another woman... Stop the curse she was put under? My mind wandered for to long before I was snapped out of the daydream.

Jake had woken up, her face full of joy as Hayden looked at her. But the moment was soon over before a scream erupted from Jess.

All eyes turned to her. She fell to the ground grabbing her head. She started glowing again, but before anything could go to far, Matt shifted back into human form and tackled her on the ground.

The glowing stopped and a crying noise came from underneath Matt.

"Is... Is everything ok?" I spoke before I could stop myself.

"I... But..." Jess spoke up, her voice weak.

"Baby, are you alright?" Matt asked her, his voice cracking.

"What? Of course! I'm... I'm just..." Before she could answer her eyes closed and she drifted into what looked like an uneasy sleep.

"Hayden," Matt growled, his voice sounding harsh, Hayden looked panicked as Matt lunged his head towards him, "when she wakes up..." He paused, "is she going to try and crazy murder us again? For gods sakes you tried... To take away my mate. Louise is over there, probably dead because of her," he pointed to Louise, who I had almost forgotten about with all the commotion. Tears flowed into my eyes as I looked. But I was too afraid to walk over there and see. "If she's gonna wake up, and attack me again..." Matt sighed, "I don't think... I would stop her... I... I don't think I can handle this if she hates me.." His voice was so sad.

"Matt..." Hayden started before Matt cut him off.

"No Hayden, just tell me. Not bullshitting it," he looked down at Jess, her eyes still closed and her breathing was slowed.

"Until her eyes are completely brown again... She won't be normal. And.. I have no idea when that will be."

I started to walk forward, wanting to make sure Jake was ok, who looked like she was about to explode from all the emotions.

"I just want my mate back," Matt sounded as if he was about to cry, "please Hayden, there must be something... You have your mate, can't you cause distraction to someone else's lives?"

"I'm sure Jake and I will be fine... But.. I think there might be something...."

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