You Are My Daydream [Tanner x Paul Hi5 Fanfiction] by mmkg1517
You Are My Daydream [Tanner x Paul...by MMKG
A love story between Paul and Tanner from Hi5 Studios. Their one of my favorite ships, but their is only one storie on it and its: "Most Beautiful Person in Hi5(Tan...
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SIMPLE ♕ T.Bby ashley
"IT'S JUST AS EASY AS CAN BE." [©_AMLESTER 2018] started July 2nd, 2018 ended August 26th, 2018 this needs to be edited sm.
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Cross my heart, hope to die //Tanner Braungardt// by Bundle21
Cross my heart, hope to die //Tann...by Bundle21
Not edited Kenzie Trink is 16. And she's a small town with a little following on YouTube. But even with people who encourage her everyday, she's still not happy. That i...
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It's Okay, We're Together {TannerxPaul} by SecretsAreImportant
It's Okay, We're Together {Tannerx...by SecretsAreImportant
Paul and Tanner has been together for awhile. They kept their relationship a secret from the others, until someone decided to pull them apart. Hurt their relationship. S...
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Jacob Sartorius and Tanner Fox CUTE/DIRTY by f1sht4nk
Jacob Sartorius and Tanner Fox CUT...by f1sht4nk
This is the short imaginative gay story of how little Jacob and Tanner Fox met and what happens after they meet. Tragedy, drama, fighting, sex and story, It's all featur...
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Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT preferences by foxythefoxpiratechil
Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT prefere...by Foxy the Fox pirate Child
People that are included are: Tanner Gunner J-Fred Connor Bryan Woods/Woodland Mike Matthias Sam And Paul
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more than ever |Tanner Braungardt| by sunblossomm
more than ever |Tanner Braungardt|by sunblossomm
Kaya meets the braungardts and their friends. She falls for tanner. But what will happen?
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Starting over||Tanner Braungardt[COMPLETED] by WDWbbg_
Starting over||Tanner Braungardt[C...by WDWbbg_
Highest rating in FF-#627 & Vlog-#179 & Tanner Braungardt-#39 & Quentin-#14 Starting over (v); A new beginning •16 year old youtuber Brooke and her brother Quentin mov...
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Jesse Katsopolis: Danny Tanner's Sister by SuppyWuppy3468
Jesse Katsopolis: Danny Tanner's S...by celestial
I love Full House, and I have been wanting to write a story from the beginning of the show. And I just love Uncle Jesse. Thanks for reading! Also, Aunt Becky doesn't exi...
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FALLING FOR YOU • TEEN BEACH MOVIE [1] ✔ by issafanperson
"I'm falling for ya, falling for ya, I know I shouldn't, But I just can stop myself from, Falling for you."...
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Destiny Lies | Paul~Or~Woods x Reader (Hi5 Studios & GG) by W1ldRav3n
Destiny Lies | Paul~Or~Woods x Rea...by Raven
Y/n Malmedal just broke up with her boyfriend and feels lonely while she's in San Fransico. She plans to move with her, she thinks crazy, brother in LA. While she moves...
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NOW OR NEVER    *SWEET PEA* by angellban
After Archie's arrest and Labour Day Weekend, Aviana, the Gang and the Serpents face conflict with each other and individually. The rocky ride of Aviana and Sweet Pea's...
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Tanner Braungardt images  by nikkolebaby
Tanner Braungardt images by Jorden nikkole
I had this book before, then I deleted it because I never updated now I want to do it again so....
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As Long As It Lasts; a Dylan Mitchell Fanfiction by stargirldolan
As Long As It Lasts; a Dylan Mitch...by stargirldolan
Lauren is your average 15 year old girl but has had many hard relationships. Let's say they didn't last as long as she hoped they would. When she meets Dylan she hopes i...
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Moving: Tanner Braungardt  by JadeHawkins6
Moving: Tanner Braungardt by Jade Hawkins
You lived in sunny California with your mom and dad. Your parents told you were moving to kansas! You have no friends to hangout with until you meet Taylor braungardt.
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LOVE SONG ♕ T.Fby ashley
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Hi5 Universe One Shots by WhiteWolf1212
Hi5 Universe One Shotsby WhiteWolf
Requests are open! I do not accept smut, so please do not ask for it. Other than that, I hope you enjoy :)
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Most Beautiful Person in Hi5 (Tanner X Paul) by YouTube_is_Fanfic
Most Beautiful Person in Hi5 (Tann...by YouTube
Aye. Hi5. I don't know if anyone else ships this, but Ok! HATE IS ALLOWED BECAUSE I KNOW THIS STORY IS GONNA BE TERRIBLE!!!!
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tanner fox  by bchorror
tanner fox by charlotte whitly
On New Year's Eve her boyfriend breaks her heart and she's single again. Tanner Fox, her bestfriend, is there for her... Will Tanner finally get the girl of his dreams...
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Tanner in The Center Boyxboy by MaxNight
Tanner in The Center Boyxboyby Max Night
Tanner Milton Son of District Attorney Scott Milton, and Shiela Milton loved the things he couldn't have. Harris Wheeler the older man who works for his father. Sven Be...
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