| HI5 STUDIOS ONE SHOTS | by CailinTite
| HI5 STUDIOS ONE SHOTS |by CailinTite
A book of one shots for your favourite YouTube group Hi5 studios. Requests are OPEN!! ©️CailinTite | No characters are mine except the ones I create. The storylines are...
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Jacob Sartorius and Tanner Fox CUTE/DIRTY by f1sht4nk
Jacob Sartorius and Tanner Fox CUT...by f1sht4nk
This is the short imaginative gay story of how little Jacob and Tanner Fox met and what happens after they meet. The book has a story but it also have sex in it, probabl...
  • fanfic
  • romance
  • twinks
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Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT preferences by foxythefoxpiratechil
Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT prefere...by Foxy the Fox pirate Child
People that are included are: Tanner Gunner J-Fred Connor Bryan Woods/Woodland Mike Matthias Sam And Paul
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My Not So Perfect Life by _carissaaa
My Not So Perfect Lifeby Carissa
( completed in 2015 ) Peyton hasn't had the best life after a severe car accident left her without a mother and her twin sister Paris a total different person. Ever sin...
  • teenfiction
  • highschool
  • movingon
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You Are My Daydream [Tanner x Paul Hi5 Fanfiction] by mmkg1517
You Are My Daydream [Tanner x Paul...by MMKG
A love story between Paul and Tanner from Hi5 Studios. Their one of my favorite ships, but their is only one storie on it and its: "Most Beautiful Person in Hi5(Tan...
  • tanner
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  • matthias
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✓ | gif series, teen beach movie by -winchesters
✓ | gif series, teen beach movieby ❝ stylinson ❞
In which I write short gif imagines for the teen beach movie characters. ▸ TEEN BEACH MOVIE GIF SERIES COMPLETED
  • lela
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Falling Fast /:/ A Tanner Malmedal X Reader by cgh107
Falling Fast /:/ A Tanner Malmedal...by cgh107
Working at Hi5 has truly been a blessing. The people there are great! One day you are promoted to help Matthias film his videos... will this spark a connection between y...
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12 ángeles, 1 amor by user13797197
12 ángeles, 1 amorby Sour
Daishinkan afirma no sentir amor, pero cuando sus 12 hijos están perdidos, 12 personas completamente diferentes estarán dispuestas a entregarlo todo para ayudarlo, inclu...
  • huguito
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A New Beginning (Quentin McConathy love story) by JustMe4You2
A New Beginning (Quentin McConathy...by Me
Tessa was born and raised in sunny L.A., well until her parents divorce that is. Two months before her 17th birthday she is forced to move to somewhere in Kansas. What e...
  • tristan
  • braungardt
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Full House Uncle Jesse Imagines by thriller5
Full House Uncle Jesse Imaginesby Nina Pierce past, present, fu...
Ever watched Full House? My favorite character on the show is uncle Jesse. See how you and Jesse be together.
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more than ever |Tanner Braungardt| by sunblossomm
more than ever |Tanner Braungardt|by sunblossomm
Kaya meets the braungardts and their friends. She falls for tanner. But what will happen?
  • tanner
  • moving
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FALLING FOR YOU • TEEN BEACH MOVIE [1] ✔ by issafanperson
"I'm falling for ya, falling for ya, I know I shouldn't, But I just can stop myself from, Falling for you."...
  • butchy
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Between Two Hearts [Hi5 Studios: Tanner x Paul] by mmkg1517
Between Two Hearts [Hi5 Studios: T...by MMKG
A high school story based around the Hi5 crew with the two main characters/ lovers being Paul and Tanner. Meet Paul. A very shy some what openly gay boy when you meet hi...
  • boyxboy
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LOVE SONG ♕ T.F by k-knight13
LOVE SONG ♕ T.Fby ashley
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Most Beautiful Person in Hi5 (Tanner X Paul) by YouTube_is_Fanfic
Most Beautiful Person in Hi5 (Tann...by YouTube
Aye. Hi5. I don't know if anyone else ships this, but Ok! HATE IS ALLOWED BECAUSE I KNOW THIS STORY IS GONNA BE TERRIBLE!!!!
  • ships
  • bryan
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Roses ♢ Tanner Braungardt  by picturetyler
Roses ♢ Tanner Braungardt by picturetyler
Kasey has had a rough past, and she lets a boy break down her walls. DISCLAIMER; this was my very first book, and it's horrible. read at your own risk. i've had thousan...
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Tanner fox smuts by The_random_girl4
Tanner fox smutsby ~RO~
I was looking for some tanner fox smuts and I couldn't find any so I'm taking it in my own hands to wright some sweaty fan fiction about tanner fox. no need to thank me...
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tanner fox  by bchorror
tanner fox by charlotte whitly
On New Year's Eve her boyfriend breaks her heart and she's single again. Tanner Fox, her bestfriend, is there for her... Will Tanner finally get the girl of his dreams...
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Mystery Man - A Tanner Malmedal FanFic - HI5Studios by FanFicWriter94
Mystery Man - A Tanner Malmedal Fa...by FanFicWriter94
Adalynn moves from Iowa to LA for a job opportunity she could not pass up. While shopping at Ikea for furniture for her new apartment Adalynn meets her Mystery Man. Over...
  • youtube
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The Man in the Office (Tanner X Paul) by Hi5_StudiosFan
The Man in the Office (Tanner X Pa...by Hi5_StudiosFan
Seeing as it's 2018, liking the same sex is more accepted, whether you be gay, bi, pan or anything else. So then, why does Paul try to and deny he might like -scratch th...
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