Mystery Man - A Tanner Malmedal FanFic - HI5Studios by FanFicWriter94
Mystery Man - A Tanner Malmedal Fa...by FanFicWriter94
Adalynn moves from Iowa to LA for a job opportunity she could not pass up. While shopping at Ikea for furniture for her new apartment Adalynn meets her Mystery Man. Over...
  • gunner
  • brian
  • malmedal
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The Man in the Office (Tanner X Paul) by Hi_5_Studio_Fan
The Man in the Office (Tanner X Pa...by Hi_5_Studio_Fan
Seeing as it's 2018, liking the same sex is more accepted, whether you be gay, bi, pan or anything else. So then, why does Paul try to and deny he might like -scratch th...
  • teamedge
  • tannermalmedal
  • paul
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Unlikely Lovers in Hi5 Studios ( Tanner x Paul ) by Giraffe6A3041
Unlikely Lovers in Hi5 Studios ( T...by Giraffe6A3041
Tanner and Paul were really close friends but all close friends have secrets. They both had secrets but they never realized that they both have the same secret : Their c...
  • getgoodgaming
  • teamedge
  • tannerxpaul
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Quentin's Little Sister // Tanner Braungardt by emilyyyy_writes
Quentin's Little Sister // Tanner...by Emily
Tanner Braungardt fanfic! [EDITING] ❤️
  • romance
  • tannerfanfic
  • tb
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Falling Fast /:/ A Tanner Malmedal X Reader by cgh107
Falling Fast /:/ A Tanner Malmedal...by cgh107
Working at Hi5 has truly been a blessing. The people there are great! One day you are promoted to help Matthias film his videos... will this spark a connection between y...
  • teamedge
  • connor
  • hi5
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Hi5 Universe Fanfiction/Oneshots by DeathlyHallows77
Hi5 Universe Fanfiction/Oneshotsby DeathlyHallows77
Just some fun, sweet fanfiction/oneshots about the people at Hi5 Studios! I wont be including stories about Matt or Bryan, because they're married, and I like their rela...
  • connor
  • matthias
  • wattys2018
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Hi5 Universe One Shots by WhiteWolf1212
Hi5 Universe One Shotsby WhiteWolf
Requests are open! I do not accept smut, so please do not ask for it. Other than that, I hope you enjoy :)
  • jfred
  • gunner
  • bobby
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| TEAM EDGE ONE SHOTS | by CailinTite
| TEAM EDGE ONE SHOTS |by CailinTite
A book of one shots for your favourite YouTube group Team Edge. Requests are OPEN!! ©️CailinTite | No characters are mine except the ones I create. The storylines are m...
  • wattpride
  • bryan
  • hi5studios
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Tanner Fox and Jacob Sartorius [ DIRTY ] by nmumbo
Tanner Fox and Jacob Sartorius [ D...by nmumbo
Jacob and Tanner having fun! Warning : some really dirty stuff! If you don't like kinky stuff maybe check something else!
  • kinky
  • teen
  • dirtystory
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✓ | gif series, teen beach movie  by -Winchestergirl
✓ | gif series, teen beach movie by ❝ stylinson ❞
In which I write short gif imagines for the teen beach movie characters. ▸ TEEN BEACH MOVIE GIF SERIES COMPLETED
  • brady
  • mack
  • teenbeachmovie
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Tanner Fox 🦊💚 by emmalee82515
Tanner Fox 🦊💚by emmalee82515
Just simple imagines about the person that makes my heart melt and explode with happiness :)
  • imagines
  • fox
  • tfox
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One Shots///Short ass Stories by Lone_Shadow_Love
One Shots///Short ass Storiesby TabbyMistt_GG
One shot Imagine Preference Idk
  • amazingphil
  • crankgameplays
  • danielhowell
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Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/ Battle Universe Imagines by ThatEmoGirlKatie
Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/ Battle Univ...by ThatEmoGirlKatie
Some Imagines Of The Beloved Hi5 Studios Team Edge and Battle Universe. Suggestions welcome. PM me if you want a specific person done.
  • paul
  • gunner
  • rekt
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I'm Fine ||  Tanner Braungardt fanfic by whatsupitsG
I'm Fine || Tanner Braungardt fan...by whatsupitsG
Grace Mitchell, Dylan Mitchell's (Mylan Ditchell) twin sister. She knows a lot more than what Dylan knows about their parents. The past four years have been rough &quo...
  • mcconathy
  • mitchell
  • braungardt
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Team edge x reader  (one shots) by EdgySmile
Team edge x reader (one shots)by 🥀Smile.Edge🥀
You are in for it
  • fanfic
  • kevin
  • matthias
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Full House Uncle Jesse Imagines by thriller5
Full House Uncle Jesse Imaginesby Nina Pierce past, present, fu...
Ever watched Full House? My favorite character on the show is uncle Jesse. See how you and Jesse be together.
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I'll always be here (Paul  x Tanner)  by Moomoo_KC
I'll always be here (Paul x Tanne...by Moomoo_KC
So if you don't know who this a Paul x tanner. They are from hi5 and are totally gay for each other. Plot: Paul is a shy nerdy boy in high school. Tanner on the other...
  • gunnergomez
  • batttleuniverse
  • hi5
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My Lover Boy -Tanner Braungardt- (Second Book) by emilyyyy_writes
My Lover Boy -Tanner Braungardt- (...by Emily
Sequel to 'Quentin's Little Sister' Hope you enjoy♥️
  • wattys2018
  • tanner
  • fanfic
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tanner fox  by bchorror
tanner fox by charlotte whitly
On New Year's Eve her boyfriend breaks her heart and she's single again. Tanner Fox, her bestfriend, is there for her... Will Tanner finally get the girl of his dreams...
  • foxfam
  • vidcon
  • california
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Hi5 Studios Imagines and One-Shots by Hi5_Fan
Hi5 Studios Imagines and One-Shotsby Hi5 Fan
*VERY slow updates* This book will have X-Reader imagines about any of the guys from Team Edge/Battle Universe. I'm not too big on requests, but if you have an idea for...
  • imagines
  • xreader
  • matthias
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