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The Man in the Office (Tanner X Paul) by Hi5_StudiosFan
The Man in the Office (Tanner X Pa...by Hi5_StudiosFan
Seeing as it's 2018, liking the same sex is more accepted, whether you be gay, bi, pan or anything else. So then, why does Paul try to and deny he might like -scratch th...
  • tannerxpaul
  • boyxboy
  • paul
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New Life - Tanner Braungardt Fanfiction - Complete by xidkwhoiamx
New Life - Tanner Braungardt Fanfi...by xidkwhoiamx™
"I couldn't help myself from kissing you and I don't regret it," he says. ----------------------------------- A new girl named Cassidy moves to Kansas for a fr...
  • fan
  • highschool
  • romance
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// The Sky is up//  Teen beach movie by Cheshire--Cat
// The Sky is up// Teen beach mov...by Cheshire Who
Brady and Mack arrive at Brady's favourite movie, Wet side story. What will happen when Brady meets his dream girl?? Read this and find out.
  • surfer
  • songs
  • tanner
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ONE DAY THEY WILL FALL IN LOVE/ QU...by Isabella Parnell
Its one of Tanner Braungardt best friend. Her name is Rachel and she is 14. She spends alot of time with Tanner Dylan and Quentin. Mostly Quentin though. She has a small...
  • fallinlove
  • shipthem
  • dylan
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Neighbors. //Tanner Braungardt// by jujubedirectioner
Neighbors. //Tanner Braungardt//by Julia Elle
(I'm super bad at descriptions so you should just read the first chapter... lol) When a new family moves in next door to Lia, she's not sure what to expect. Tanner Bra...
  • teen
  • neighbors
  • teenager
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Kylie(me) and tanner imagine by beyond5islife
Kylie(me) and tanner imagineby beyond5islife
I sit on the porch as I wait for Tanner to pick me up for our date. I smile when I see his yellow truck come down the street. I start walking to the curb while he gets o...
  • tanner
  • iwish
  • imcryingrn
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Wolf warrior by Wolfsoccer
Wolf warriorby Alpha Fang of the Fangs pack
A kid, Hayden and his gang of friends realize they can turn into animals
  • weredogs
  • nadya
  • werewolves
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Roommates (ON HOLD) by LarryTookMyMedicine
Roommates (ON HOLD)by LarryTookMyMedicine
You're ready to start your first day of school and still don't know who your roommate is ,but you soon discover it's Tanner Fox ! You freak out at the sight you shut the...
  • youtube
  • fox
  • fanfiction
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Sacred Oracles by Ezmyreld
Sacred Oraclesby Sonya Marlene
Juniper Abel, an eight-year-old peasant girl; is like any other commoner, yet with extra-ordinary talents and abilities. She enjoyed playing make-believe, dreaming big a...
  • graphic
  • manga
  • christian
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The Second Life of Bree Tanner by Original_Sonja
The Second Life of Bree Tannerby Original_Sonja
Bree is starting a new life with the Cullens' all is going well until another visit from the Volturi comes and shatters Bree's new life.
  • tanner
  • cullen
  • swan
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LIVING WITH THE POPSTARby yezerdolkarbhutia
What would you do if the world's most handsome, famous, cute, richest, boyband come to live with you? Dance? Laugh till you cry? Except for Harley Star. She hates Tricks...
  • elizabeth
  • ethan
  • tanner
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Arabella  by nada_samy_99
Arabella by Nada
Friendships last longer. For some, this is just and idea, but for Arabella, it's a fact for sure. Arabella is different in everything, her style, attitude, ideas, and...
  • alice
  • love
  • romance
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The diary of a Tanner Braungardt fan. by AuroraSkellington
The diary of a Tanner Braungardt f...by Skellington
Tanner Braungardt Updates in groups. Highest ranking: #993 in Humor
  • quentin
  • tannerbraungardt
  • unicornawards
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