What the Hell?

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What the Hell?


Johnathan's P.O.V.

It was dark as I, Alpha of the Silver Claw Pack, looked up to the sky, my mate at my side. 

"What do you see John?" 

"I see two stars perfectly aligned, Sara." 

"What does it mean though? Is it danger? What about our son?" Sara cried in a scared whisper. 

I sighed. In my head I knew what it meant. I just didn't want to tell her yet.  

Since I was the alpha I could read the stars like a prophecy.

It meant that my sons mate was coming and soon.

The one thing I was most upset about was that it was not another packs 'soon to be alpha' so I could not make my pack bigger, and safer from attack. 

"John? What does it mean?" 

Once again I sighed. 

"What? What is it? Tell me the truth!" Sara shouted the last part causing me to flinch. 

I looked over and her eyes were a glowing silver instead of her natural brown. Her wolf color of eyes. 

She must really be angry... sigh... I guess I will just have to tell her. 

"It is... our sons mate. She is coming very soon" 

"Oh! Well that's not so bad... Why wouldn't you tell me before?" 

"She is not the head of another pack like I had hoped. She is already in our pack." 

"Well that doesn't matter. As long as she's pretty... Oh, and nice as well" she hastily added last part.

I laughed. Leave it to my mate to think about that. 

"Yes. Do you know who is expecting pups dear?" Being the Alphas mate required her to know what is going on with the females in our pack. 

"Yes. The only one expecting pups very soon like you said is..." she paused seeming to think about it. 

"May. And her mate William." 


I wasn't expecting that. May was one of the prettiest wolves in our pack. At one point I thought she was my mate! But then I found Sara, my true mate, around the same time May met William for the first time. And William is my Beta for the stars sake! 

This little girl is going to be a handful. 

"What? Oh! I remember you thought that May was your mate until you met me... I forgot all about that!" 

"But since she is the alphas mate she won't change until she is 16. If not later! She has to have met her mate by then." 

"Well that shouldn't be a challenge!" Sara said. "She will probably meet him on the day she comes back from the hospital! When we introduce them to the pack like we do with the rest of the pups!" 

"But what about her parents? We will have to tell them! Or else they will think that they had a non-wolf."

"Yes, I will find a reason to get William and May alone with me and then I will tell them." 

"Thank you," I said looking up at the stars again. 

"You know what you need?" she said looking at me. 


"A long run!" she exclaimed challenging me. 

"Hmmm... I must say... I accept that challenge," I laughed. 

She went behind a tree, and a moment later a beautiful white wolf with piercing green eyes walked out from behind the tree she had gone behind just a moment before. 

I automatically went behind a tree and turned into my wolf. My wolf was a Coconut, Chestnut brown with one black paw and lightning yellow eyes. I turned to my mate and we took off into the forest.


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