What The Hell?: Chapter 13

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Leslie’s POV

I nearly had him. Soon, Chris would be all mine and that stupid brat Anna would be taken care of!

Cole could have her all to himself and do whatever he wanted with her. The only thing I was interested in was Chris.

I was walking down the street in a mini skirt and a belly top that hardly left anything to the imagination.

Obviously I knew that there was a possibility of me having my own mate out there somewhere, but all I wanted was Chris.

He was my dream guy, and nobody was going to stop me from having him!

It was quiet out and the moon shone down brightly on me. I was heading towards the rendezvous with Cole to get Chris.

He had told me over the phone that he drugged Chris and that I’d have no trouble with him.

Of course, I’d never actually met Cole before…but he sent me a picture of his captive when he instructed me where to meet up with him.

Oh well, I’d know him because he’d have my prize with him.

Satisfied for the moment I continued on my way until I was thrown to the ground by a very pissed-off femme wolf. One that I recognised only too well.

She held me pinned to the ground with her claws digging into the skin of my shoulders painfully.

She was snarling and snapping at my face, but made no move to attack me fully.

“What do you want?” I spat.

She surprised me by shifting quickly and replying.

“Where is Chris? What did you do to him?! He’s my mate, not yours!”

“He belongs to me for longer than he’s known you! Why should I let him just walk away from me?!” I shrieked. How dare she?!

Her hands wrapped firmly around my neck, slowly choking me.

“Tell me where he is, or I swear I will kill you right now.”

“What gives you the right?!”

“I’m the future Alpha female of this pack, and if my the Alpha, is absent, or kidnapped, that leaves me in charge of everything! Now tell me!!”

The pressure against my windpipe grew with the passing seconds and my lungs burned for oxygen.

“Okay! Okay!” I gasped out, my will to live stronger than my desire for Chris. But only slightly.

“Where is he?” Her voice didn’t sound like her usual self; it was cold and emotionless.

“I-I don’t know exactly-.”


Her grip tightened once more. I was so close to the meeting point now, surely she could smell Chris?!

But obviously not, she was too consumed with anger to notice.

I could feel the edges of my vision darkening as I began to black out.

“Help me.” Was all I managed to get out before I was unconscious.

Cole’s POV

I looked down at Chris’s unmoving body in disgust; how could Anna prefer that, over me?

I was perfect for her, I knew deep in my soul that she was my mate, and not the Alpha’s!

Why wouldn’t she believe me?

I checked my phone to see that I’d received a new message from Leslie, the girl who desperately wanted Chris to herself.

She could have him, and keep him out of my way.

I asked her to send me a picture of her so I knew what she looked like when she arrived.

I opened the message and almost dropped the phone.

She was far more beautiful than any other girl I’d ever come across.

Even more than Anna.

Her face was angelic and her hair silken.

She had curves in all the right places.

Never before in my life had I ever felt so strongly about a she-wolf.

At the sound of heels clicking against the pavement, my head snapped up to see her strolling down the road.

Only she made it look like it was a runway and she was the only model hot enough to walk down it.

Out of nowhere, Anna’s wolf came flying through the air and tackled my baby to the ground.

There they lay for what seemed like years, until Anna shifted and wrapped her fingers around my angel’s neck.

A feral snarl tore through me and I dropped Chris’s shackles in an instant.

He was coming-to and I didn’t want my love anywhere nearby when he was fully awake.

I sprinted faster than I ever had before and glanced behind me when I heard footsteps pursuing me; it was Chris.

He was unsteady, but his eyes were locked on Anna with a fierce protective glint. He probably thought I was going after her again; not this time.

I only wanted to get away.

I only wanted to hold my mate in my arms.

She was losing consciousness because Anna was choking her, and my wolf growled.

“Get away from my Leslie now!” I bellowed.

I roughly shoved Anna away and she went sailing into the night sky.

I didn’t bother to check and see if she was alright; I only cared for the girl laying before me now.

I lifted her up and cradled her in my arms, noting with displeasure the length of her skirt. It was a belt!

Why did she go around letting males see her in such revealing clothes?

Her body was for my eyes only!

I stood up and made an attempt to leave.

Instead I came face to face with Anna and Chris, both of whom looked about ready to murder us both.

Leslie stirred in my arms and cracked open her eyes.

She snuggled deeper into me and murmered.



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