Cole's Point Of View

I padded over to the cage I had kept chris in.

I pressed a button.

I had inserted a chip into his body that would make him feel as much pain as I could give to him.

I felt Leslie pad up beside me and smirked. well, thats what I thought it was.

I looked down at our tracker.

I could see Chris laying o the ground somewhere not moving.

I smirked.

I would get him back.



Chris's Point Of View

It was a struggle to open my tired eyes, and I manage to stand up.

I looked around to see my self laying on the ground, but something was off.

My eyes wondered aroung my suroundings, to see everything a little fuzzy.

Belle, tears straming down her scared face, was running towards my unmoving body that was laying on the grassy floor.

I tried to go towards her to say I was fine, but I felt a hand on my shoulder.

A silvery outline of a figure stood in front of me.

"God?" I asked stupidly.

"No, dumb ass! It's me, Chandler!" He hit the back of me head with his palm making my head vibrate with pain momentarily.

"Chandler? But you died in the pack battle last year..." I mumbled before a lightbulb went off in my head.

"Does that mean I'm.... dead?" I asked bewildered. I couldn't die! My brain started panicking.

I turned my sore head to see Belle shaking my body over and giving me mouth to mouth.

Her face lit up with joy as my motionless body made a noise to tell her I was alive.

"Does that answer your question?" He asked leaning on an invisable wall smirking.

"Ya... but then How come I'm here? I need to be out there!" I started to get mad. Really mad.

"Dude, calm down, I'm just here to distract you untill you wake up. You have a poisen in your system that you need to get taken out as soon as possible. That's what made you came close to dieing." I could see myself start to fade, along with everything else.

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