What The Hell? Chapter Nine

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Anna’s POV

The water was refreshing against my skin. I’d spent the last few minutes simply floating on the water while my friends horsed around and splashed. In fact, I was quite surprised that none of them had dunked me yet! I even had my eyes closed!

Of course, I thought too soon.

No sooner had these thoughts crossed my mind than my ankle was gripped and pulled downwards, dragging me under the surface of the water.

I opened my eyes to come face to face with Chris. I raised an eyebrow and he smirked at me. His large strong hands wrapped around my waist and tugged me closer.

It was only when our bare skin touched that I realised he was half naked! He was only wearing a pair of swimming trunks, and considering the scraps of the cloth I was wearing, we almost might as well have been naked.


He leaned in closer to me and planted a soft kiss on my lips. It was a very sweet and tender one. I had a dopey smile left on my face when he moved back. His hands were warm on my skin and it burned in a good way.

Too soon I needed oxygen and we surfaced.

“Hey Anna! Come on up here and jump off with me!” My crazy best friend Lou called. I glanced up to see her standing precariously on the edge of the miniature cliff, waving like a mad-woman at me.

There was a twenty foot drop between where she was and where the water was.

“Um, no thanks, I think I’ll pass!” I shouted back.

She pouted, “But Aaaaannnaaaaaa! You have to come up! I want you to!”

“No, you’re alright! You can jump yourself!”

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