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Louise's Point Of View

"When is she coming back?" I asked, my brain starting to go into overdrive nervous.

Matt looked at me and his gaze darkened, "Don't worry! She'll come back, I know it," He said

"Alright, i'll give her five more minutes before I'm gonna go look myself," I told him.

"You don't have to, I'm back," She said, walking back in.

"Why did you have to leave?" Matt asked.

"Because of this," She said and she took out a little bow.

She managed to pry it open and it expanded into a map, one that looked as if you could see all the people as moving little red dots on the darker green screen that showed the entire mansion.

"And right ther--" Matt cut her off as she pointed to a golden dot moving with a red dot.

"Is Jess..." He gasped.

"Ya... that's what I was going to say." Jake said a little annoyed.

"So all we have to do is get rid of Jess, and we will be released?" I asked.

Matt tensed as I said that but Jake still spoke, "Yes, if we manage to kill he-"

"We will not kill my mate," He spat.

"Alright, then we will reverse the spell, making her think that Matt is her mate again, the only problem is... to undo the spell, Matt has to Kiss her, and then she will snap out of it, but that won't be easy,"

"How cliche," I said, "Couldn't we just use the golden blood?"

"No, Hayden has hidden it, and I have no idea where, he won't tell me because i rejected hi--" She cleared her throat, "I mean, he won't tell me because I'm not important enough..." He managed to mumble.

I ignored her slip-up, even though I was wondering who she had rejected, I decided not to press. "Alright, so Matt just has to go all snow white and the prince on Jess and then we can take Hayden,"

"Yes, and one more thing," She paused and looked around, "You have to break the bracelet on her hand, she will probably have more then one, but once Matt kisses her, it will send her into a state of shock, which will make it easy to break the bracelets off her arm,"

"Thank you so much Jake," Matt nodded to her.

I heard a high pitch noise come from the computer.

Matt looked over and his eyes got a coating of anger.

"They can't keep killing off people when they don't do what they want!" He yelled.

I looked over and I felt the tears enter my eyes as I read the name under the title of 'DEAD'.

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