Camellia *Part Three*

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When Dazai entered to the room and laid on the bed, Chuuya feigned sleeping but he couldn't stop his heart from skipping a beat, what was this situation ? What was he supposed to do ?
Dazai got nearer and Chuuya's heart reacted immediatly, it was beating faster and faster now, Chuuya didn't even know if his heart could make it till the next morning but then Dazai put just one arm on Chuuya's waist and he slept. Chuuya stayed still for so long but ended up falling asleep too.
It was 6 a.m when he woke up the next morning, he found himself snuggeling into Dazai's chest while the latter's arms where around him hugging him tightly. Fortunately for him, he got up without waking the brunette.
Dazai got up directly when he didn't feel the other's presence beside him. He went out and found him in the kitchen preparing the breakfast, he leaned on the wall without saying a word and enjoyed the view till Chuuya noticed him :"You already woke up ?"
"I usually wake up earlier but today i was pretty comfortable~" said Dazai with a flirting tone that caused a blush to form on Chuuya's face. He got closer and asked :"what are you doing ?"
"Preparing breakfast ... that's my way to thank you for yesterday ... don't get your expectations too high i'm not that good besides there weren't a lot of ingredients ..." answered Chuuya then he fastly realized :"Ah sorry .. i didn't even ask to use the kitchen ... but you seemed so peaceful while sleeping i didn't want to wake you up ..."
He directly cursed himself for making the other know that he was watching him while sleeping.
Dazai had a soft tone when he answered :"It's your home now so you don't have to ask plus i like the smell, i'm sure it will taste good."
Dazai toke a quick bath the same time as Chuuya prepared everything then they ate together in silence again. After they finished Dazai went to change his clothes then came back to Chuuya who was still washing the dishes :"About yesterday ..." started Dazai and Chuuya tensed up :" ... i'm sorry if i scared you but i had to act that way ... because i had to have ... this" he showed him his phone and there was the picture they took the previous day.
Chuuya jumped on him and tried to catch the phone and delete the pic but Dazai lifted his hand so that the smaller one won't reach it :"this one is so embarrassing please delete it !!!" Chuuya already gave up on having the phone.
"Why ? we're so cute!! Or ... okay, because i'm a really nice guy i'll delete it but just if ..."
"If .... ?" Chuuya had a questioning look.
Dazai lifted his other hand :".. if you let me kiss you or hug you or have an another pic of you .. you choose~"
Chuuya was blushing so hard ... again .. :"Can't you ask for something easier ???"
Dazai smirked : "i said you choose~"
Poor Chuuya sighed in defeat, he can't run away from his cruel fate :"okay then ... a ... hug ..."
Dazai didn't wait to get closer to the blushing mess in front of him :"i'll hug you then i'll delete it okay."
Chuuya nodded shyly, he couldn't look up so he just closed his eyes. He shivered when he felt the other's arms moving around him and caging him in his embrace. Dazai's hands moved from the smaller one's back down to his waist then pulled him closer so that their was no space between them. Chuuya had the perfect height to put his head on Dazai's chest, his heart was beating fast and that reassured Chuuya, at least he wasn't the only one who had his heart nearly exploding.
Dazai pulled away and lifted Chuuya's face with one hand while the other was still on his waist. He looked at him directly in the eyes and said charmingly :"I really got used to you in this apart that i could never call it 'home' without you living here ..."
"It was just .. one night ... you can forget it easily ..." whispered Chuuya.
"Never ... i could never forget how it felt ... i need you here ... please" Dazai was serious but at the same time he seemed so caring and sad.
Chuuya knew that he could never win against this guy :"I ... i said i'll think about it ..."
Dazai put his face between Chuuya's shoulder and neck then whispered :"Say yes .. please."
Chuuya seized Dazai's shirt and whispered a soft 'yes' in his ear. He was so in love with this guy, he didn't care anymore.
Dazai pulled Chuuya's choker and kissed the skin under it :"i can't wait then ..."he said seductivly.
They stayed like that for a moment then Chuuya spoke :"i need to open the shop so can you let me go to change my clothes ?"
"I don't want to ... i want to stay like this forever ..." answered Dazai with the same seductive tone.
"You're such a child sometimes" laughed Chuuya.
Dazai pulled away :"then Spoil me~"
"I will" affirmed Chuuya :"but not now, i need to get changed okay ..."
"Okay" smiled Dazai while letting go of him.
Dazai drove Chuuya to the flower shop then just when he was going to leave, he came back quickly and surprised Chuuya with a kiss on the cheek :"I'll miss you~"
Chuuya stood there with no word then he just leaned on a chair and sighed, Tachihara was right, he was so in love with this guy.

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