Camellia *Part Two*

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Dazai had a lot of work the next day so he couldn't meet with Chuuya. At night, he passed beside the flower shop not really hoping to find Chuuya there. He was pretty surprised when he noticed light inside the shop even if it was closed. He went towards the door and knocked. Chuuya jumped at the sound then got up and opened the door slowely :"Ah it's just you ..."
Dazai entered inside the shop :"where you waiting for someone else ?"
"No ... i was just scared when i heared a knock ... no i mean i wasn't scared but .."
Dazai interrupted him :"Okay okay i get what you mean so ..." he looked around :"what are you doing at this hour inside the shop ?"
"Well, actually ..."
After he had explained everything he sighed :"so that's it ..."
"Why didn't you call me ? I would have come directly ." Said Dazai with a worried tone.
"You didn't show up today so i thought you were busy besides ... i don't even have your number ..." answered Chuuya.
"Ah i totally forgot that ..." after they exchanged their number phones Dazai suggested :" It's cold here so why don't you spend the night in my apartment ?"
Chuuya blushed and started stuttering again :"well i can bear the cold and ... i don't .. really want to bother you so ..."
Dazai toke Chuuya's jacket that was on a chair then held his wrist and pulled him :"Stop thinking about such trivial things okay."
"No ... wait ..." Chuuya didn't really have the chance to retort so he just went with the flow.

When they entered the apartment, Chuuya could just be annoyed :"Why is life so fucking unfair ..."
Dazai toke off his jacket and layed on the couch :" but you're here now so it isn't that unfair right ?"
"If you say so ..." Chuuya toke off his jacket too but he didn't really know how to act. He had always felt uncomfortable in other houses.
Dazai noticed that so he got up then went behind the ginger and put his hands on the his shoulders :"Relax okay, and just act as you do in your own home okay " said Dazai with a gentle smile then he pushed him :"What about i show you your room now ? Even if i would really like to have you sleep in my room~"
Just when Chuuya started to relax he tensed up again :" WHAT ???" his face was burning now.
"Well i have a huge bed and i feel really lonely sleeping there alone so .. please" Dazai used his puppy eyes while pleading.
Chuuya couldn't really say no now :"well ... i guess it isn't that big of a deal ..."
"What am i doing with my life ???" He thought .
"Waa .. thank you so much Chuuya you're so nice~ " Happiness was radiating from his face.
Chuuya blushed :"Am i ?"
"But now ..." Dazai started :"we need to find you some clothes ... i'll search for something while you go take a shower."
Dazai showed him where the bathroom was so Chuuya directly entered and closed the door, he had to escape from this guy.
He undressed himself then got in the bathtub and relaxed :"what the hell is up with him?? Does he actually realize that we're complete strangers ???"
Suddenly, he heared the other's voice :"your clothes are on the bed in my bedroom okay ?"
"Okay ." Chuuya shouted, at least, he has a bed where to sleep now so it wasn't that bad besides, he originally had a crush on the guy so why not .. he is hearing Tachihara's voice in his mind shouting "this is your chance !! Go for it !!"
After he got out, he went to the other's room and found the clothes ... "i'm not fucking wearing these !!!" He yelled.
Dazai came beside the room without entering :" sorry, i found nothing else .. ah and it's a new pair of boxers so don't worry about it ..."
Chuuya didn't have a choice again because he already put his clothes in the washing machine so he just wore them and looked in the mirror :"This sweater is so big behind so it's fine but why isn't it in the front ??? And all my legs are showing it's just like i'm trying to s ... se .. seduce him ... Agh this is so embarrassing !!!"
"Are you finished Chuuya ?" Asked Dazai .
Chuuya waited for at least five minutes before opening the door slowly while looking down, he was so embarrassed.
Chuuya's hair was lifted up so Dazai could see his neck. The sweater was way too big for him so it was falling on his right shoulder. The boxers were showing on the front so Chuuya had to pull the sweater down to hide them. All his legs were revealed and the choker he was wearing made him even sexier than he already was without talking about the blush on his cheeks that made everything better. Dazai had that urge to just jump on him but no! He had to hold back for now.
"What do you want for dinner ? I'll command anything you want" said Dazai while going back to the living room.
Chuuya didn't know if he should feel happy or sad that Dazai didn't make a comment about his clothes :"i can cook ... if you want .." he said shyly.
"I would really want to taste your cooking but that will be for the next time because now there are no ingredients .." answered Dazai while sitting on the couch and going back to his papers :"so what do you want ? Italian ? Chinese ? Or maybe something traditionnal ?"
"I .. i will eat anything so choose what you want .." said Chuuya while looking down and playing with the end of his sweater.
After making his command, Dazai got up again and pulled Chuuya to the couch to sit beside him :"You're so tensed up again ... i said to just act as you do in your own home, didn't i ?"
Chuuya tried to get his hand out of the other's grip but he couldn't :"I'm not used to strangers being so nice with me ... that's all"
"It really hurts when you call me stranger you know ?" Said Dazai while tightening his grip on Chuuya's hand.
"No .. i didn't mean it that way i mean ... we just met the other day and ... i'm already w .. wearing your clothes ... so .. i mean ... you seem busy with your work so i will just go to the room." Chuuya got up but Dazai didn't let go of his hand, he also noticed that the other's look was on the red boxers that were showing under his white sweater so he pulled it down immediatly :"can .. can you let go of my hand now ... ?"
"I know we just met the other day " Started Dazai with a serious tone :"and i know all this situation seems awkward but do you really think i would do that with anyone ?"
Chuuya looked at him with wide eyes :"What ... do you mean ?"
Dazai sighed :"i thought it was obvious but okay i'll just say it i- " he was interrupted by a knock on the door. He let go of the other's hand and ordered while looking at him from head to toe :"Go to the room Chuuya i don't want someone to see you like this ."
Chuuya couldn't get more embarrassed than he already was, he just went to the room with no other word and got on the bed and hid himself with the           blanket :"whatwasthatwhawasthatwhatwasthatwhatwasthat can i die already ????!!!" .
The poor delivery man was greeted by a pissed Dazai because he stopped him in the most important part. He just toke the food and paid him then he prepared the table, he was pretty happy now, it's been a long time he didn't eat with someone else after all.
He knew Chuuya won't get out if he asked him gently so he entered slowly to the room then, at the verge of the bed, he jumped on the ginger. The latter yelped immediatly :"what the fuck !! You fucking scared me !!"
Dazai couldn't contain his laugh :"Yeah that's what i wanted !!" Then he got up and looked for some time at the other :"hey !! I just realized ..."
Chuuya was confused :"what ??"
"You fit perfectly in my bed ..."
"Wha ..." Chuuya toke a pillow and threw it on Dazai :"Stop saying such embarrassing things !!"
Dazai let it hit him even if he could have dodged it :"ouch that hurts ~" Chuuya just glared at him.
"Can't you at least react ???" Said Dazai but no response. Then he just toke his hand and pulled him off the bed :"come on now we need to eat".
Chuuya was happy that the dish was Italian because he never tried it before. They were silent all the time, Chuuya couldn't forget what happened just before but he could and would never ask about it even if he was dying inside to know what Dazai was about to say.
After they finished eating, Chuuya proposed to wash the dishes which Dazai gladly accepted because he still had work.
The kitchen was opened to the living room so Dazai just set on the couch and looked at Chuuya in the kitchen with a soft smile. Chuuya noticed him :"What is it ?"
"No nothing" answered Dazai :"i'm just enjoying the sight so don't mind me"
Chuuya blushed for the -no one knows- time today :"what is that supposed to mean ??"
After he had finished he stood beside Dazai :"aren't you going to bed now ?"
Dazai turned his head slowly and stared at Chuuya. After a moment, the latter started feeling uncomfortable then he suddenly realized and blushed :"No !! I didn't mean it that way ... really !!"
Dazai pulled him and made him sit beside him for the second time this day :"I need to organise those ..." he showed him the papers :"... and then i'll go to bed. Will you wait for me Chuuya~"
Chuuya thought that that tone Dazai was using definitaly meant something else but he just looked down and whispered a quit 'okay' .
He set there with his hand in the other's while silently cursing Tachihara for putting him in such a weird situation. He didn't want to bother Dazai but the silence really started to weight on his nerves, he had to say something.
"So what's your work actually ?" Asked Chuuya nervously.
"Ah me ?" Dazai looked at him with a smile :"i'm a detective ."
Chuuya was shocked but then he just sighed :"So you're a genius too now ... you sure are lucky ..."
"Mm .. i guess i'm really lucky for meeting you"
"I don't see where is the luck in meeting me ..."
"Well i see it and that's enaugh and i ..." Dazai put down the papers and had all his attention on Chuuya now :" ... i wanted to ask you about something ..."
Chuuya was scared from the question but it's not like he could say no :"yeah .. ?"
"Are you dating someone ?" Asked Dazai with a questioning tone.
"No .. i thought Tachihara told you ..." Chuuya cursed himself the second he said that .
"I'm happy that you're talking with your roommate about me ..." said Dazai with a soft tone .
"He's so fucking sharp !!" Thought Chuuya .
"So .. how were the people you dated before ? If i may ask" Dazai came back to his questioning tone, he was resolved to get all the answers to his questions.
"Well i actually ...... never dated someone ..." Chuuya was so embarrassed, he wished the other wouldn't laugh.
Dazai had other thoughts in his head, he tightened his grip on Chuuya's hand :"Does that mean that you didn't have your first kiss yet ??"
"Whaat ... No !!" Chuuya yelled .
"Oh ..." Dazai couldn't hide the joy on his face :"Then what's your type ? I mean who do you prefer girls or boys ?"
"I'm actually gay and my type would be someone ..." Chuuya toke sometime then continued :" ... tall i guess ? With brown eyes and i would like him to be a gentleman ... yeah that would be cool, what about you ?"
Dazai had his eyes wide open and answered automatically :" i would like a short guy with orange hair and beautiful blue eyes who blushes at everything ."
Chuuya turned his burning face to the other side and thought :" Why the fuck did we just describe each other ???" Then he said :"i think you should go back to your work ..."
"Okay ..." Dazai let go of Chuuya's hand and went back to his papers.
Chuuya slowly moved away from Dazai and went to sit on the other couch. He toke his phone that was in his sweater's pocket and noticed that there was a text from Atsushi, it was a pic of him with Akutagawa skating in an ice rink. That's when Chuuya had an idea.

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