Summer Memory

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"What did i do to deserve this ?"

It was summer time, everyone were enjoying their holidays by going to the beach, to festivals, by organizing campings .. except Chuuya who had to spend the last days of his vacations in a hospital because of some stupid food poisoning "This is all Kajii's fault, he will pay for it !" Chuuya cursed all his friends for continuing their plans without him then his big sister who asked her 'friend' who works in the hospital and was in charge of him, Yosano to keep him there for a whole week. Chuuya knew they weren't just friends but well ...

He sighed in defeat resting his back on the hospital bed which wasn't that comfortable then he gazed out of the window on his left at the blue sky that matched his cerulean eyes. His orbs slowly wandered down where there was a smaller building of the hospital facing the one he was in. He noticed someone just like him staring out of his window till their gazes met. After a moment, Chuuya felt weird at staring at some strange guy who was staring back at him so he smiled then slightly bowed down and turned his attention to a book he had in his hand not noticing that guy's surprised expression after what he did.

Moments later, he glanced out again finding the guy still smiling at him and even waving at him this time, he waved back not expecting the guy to gesture for him to join him "What's with him ?!" Chuuya ignored him for the rest of the day even though he knew the other kept staring at him the whole time.

The next day, Chuuya reached his limits, he was never the patient type. The strange man kept smiling at him and waving at him whenever he notices him looking back that he decided to just go and ask what was wrong with him. He had to wait till the night came though since he didn't have the right to leave the building. Luckily, the hallways were empty at night and the receptionist wasn't paying attention and kept sleeping at this hour so he sneaked out then fastly went to the next building shivering a little at the cold atmosphere there, he won't deny that he felt slightly scared walking by himself in those dark and empty hallways, they surprisingly were more empty than the building he was in. He fastly headed to the other's room and knocked on the door directly going inside when the man asked him to with a gentle voice.

Inside the room was a young handsome brunet with hazel eyes sitting on the bed with bandages wrapping his whole body and his forehead covering his right eye and with casts on his right arm and leg. Chuuya planned to treat the brunet harshly but at the soft smile he was giving him, he couldn't help but stutter :"I-i came because you kept staring at me the whole day and i ... was wondering if you needed something ..."

"It's just because no one noticed me before you did, i couldn't help but feel happy ." The brunet gave no time for Chuuya to ask anything as he brushed his hand on the empty space on his bed :"Why don't you sit here ?"

"I ... okay ..." Chuuya was confused but he wasn't sleepy and he had nothing to do so he opted to join him sitting on the chair beside the bed though making the brunet pout which Chuuya ignored then smile again :"I am Dazai Osamu, what is your name ?"

"Nakahara Chuuya ." Chuuya answered more focused on the other's bandages :"You had an accident ?"

"A car accident ." Dazai rectified then asked in return :"How about you ? What brought you here ? You don't seem to have any wounds .."

"It's .. food poisoning ..." Chuuya felt embarrassed at admitting it since he was eighteen and was supposed to be more careful about what he eats but the other's worried tone made him forget about his own worries :"I hope you are feeling better now, does it still hurt ?"

"It hurt as hell in the first night but now it has gotten better, i still can't leave though since my older sister asked her friend who is a Doctor here to keep me here for a week so that i learn my lesson ." Chuuya pouted at the memory then a faint blush painted his cheeks at the brunet chuckling :"She was right for doing this ."

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