If only ...

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Warning : This story contains smut so read at your own risk.

Dazai took off his glasses as he went down the boat after his parents gazing at the island they will be spending their summer vacations in, well, his parents also came to see the island since they will invest in it for their new project.

The brunet was so bored at only staying inside his room all day, he couldn't bear the sunlight in the beach and he sure wasn't in the mood to play friends with some strangers especially when he knows they are all after his parents money. After two days of only staying in his room reading books or watching TV, he finally decided to go out but instead of the beach, he opted to go to the forest curious of what he may find there since there was no information about it in this island's guide book while it literally took half of it's size. The trees were big so there wasn't a lot of sunlight passing through the big leaves, it was the perfect place for him !

"Go away !" Dazai instently stopped at hearing those words, he looked around to find where the sound was coming but there was no one. "Stop looking around and just go away !" The voice was nearer this time and he directly looked up opening both his eyes and mouth widely at the sight of a young ginger boy standing on one of the biggest branches and glaring down at him with his cerulean orbs. He didn't realize he took too much time looking at him till the boy angrily hushed :"What's with you ?! Did you never see a human before ??! Just go away !! Is the half you already took not enough ???"

"What's your name ?" The brunet gently asked still mesmerized by the other's beauty but this only enraged the small ginger even more :"You don't need to know my name so just-"

"You are beautiful ." Dazai whispered again only to have a rock thrown at him, he had to move away to dodge it then he stared up at the redhead still glaring at him :"Why don't you come down ? I want to know you .."

"And i want you to go away ! This is our territory, you have no right to step in this forest so you better go away before i call the elders !!" The angry ginger shouted before jumping from branch to branch fastly going away. Dazai felt disappointed at not getting the chance to talk with him more, he guessed he would just go back to his room for now while wishing to meet this beautiful ginger again. He sure thought something was wrong with him as he spent the whole night recalling the ginger's long hair falling on his left shoulder or his gorgeous ocean eyes.

The next day, he asked his parents about the forest but he was ordered not to enter it, he felt more than disappointed but he still listened to them and opted to go for a walk on the beach when it was evening. He guessed he walked too far when he saw no one around but this was definitely better for him as he took off his shoes and walked on the drenched sand with weak waves going and coming at the cold breeze, the sky was cloudy but they sure had a perfect timing as the clouds floated away letting the moonlight go through them and enlighten a certain ginger who was just the same as him, having his small sandals in his hand and walking towards him then instently stopping at noticing him.

Dazai's eyes brightened at the sight of the same ginger from the previous day, he noticed how much he was short as he went closer to him and he found this really cute, he stopped and softly smiled at the ginger who glared at him again :"Aren't you going way too far from the place you're staying in ?? It's the middle of the night so just go back !!"

"Are you worried about me ? You aren't just beautiful but so nice too~" the brunet only irritated the other with his soft words as he hushed :"Like i would ! Just go back-"

"But ... aren't you the one who should go away since you're in my territory ?" Dazai smirked at the other panicking not finding any argument to use in their arguing, he still desperately shouted hoping that this will help to make the other go away :"A .. anyways ! Why are you always alone ?? Don't you have any rich friends to stay with ???"

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