Innocent Love

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"Did you tell them ?"

"I didn't .."

"Why again .. ?"

Dazai sighed, annoyed as he and his lover walked out of their middle school. They have been in a relationship for a month now but Chuuya still doesn't find the courage to face his parents about it while the brunet informed his father since the very first day they got together.

"You .. you know how much father is strict, even if dad allows it, father would never ! I even hinted to it by saying that many of my comrades are getting in relationships but he started a whole lecture about how we are still young as middle schoolers and how we should focus more on our studies ..."

"That's why i don't like Paul-san .. by the way, do you still call him father while you call Randou-san 'Dad' ? That's so childish ."

"Shut up !! How am i supposed to make a difference between them then ? You only got one dad so you will never get it ."

"So ? When are you going to tell them about us ?"

Chuuya bit his bottom lip looking down, he really couldn't imagine himself telling them and risk having them force him to break up. Dazai and he may always be bickering and calling each other names but he still accepted to date him willingly.

"I don't know .. my parents aren't as carefree as Mori-san so i can't ..."

"Then i will just tell them myself ."

Chuuya shivered instently holding Dazai's elbow in an attempt to stop him from heading to Chuuya's place.

"No way ! I have to be the one to tell them !"

"Then do it !"

"I will ! I promise but .. not today ..."

As he let out a long sigh, Chuuya let go of his elbow only for Dazai to head the same way surprising the ginger who went to stop him again.

"Aren't we supposed to finish our project in your place ?"

"No ! Let's go to your place instead .."

There was no way Chuuya would let Dazai meet his parents, he knew Dazai will probably not keep his mouth shut about their relationship but Dazai had other thoughts.

"Not my place .. father will be there ..."

"My parents will come soon too so it's just the same !!"

Dazai glared at him then headed the opposite way making Chuuya follow him reassured now that there is no risk for his parents to know but as he processed Dazai's words, he realized something else.

"Why do you not want us to be with your father though ... or don't tell me ... y-you mackerel ! You want to do some nasty stuff, don't you ???"

"Like what ?"

"Like ? Like ... k-k-kissing ..."

"How innocent can he get .. ?" Dazai chuckled at his boyfriend's extra denseness and cuteness but opted to tease him instead of explaining anything.

"Who would want to kiss a slug like you, Chibi ?"

"Who is a Chibi ?!"

"You're such a liar .."

"Come on, i even locked the door~"

Dazai was already on top of Chuuya on the floor of his bedroom with one hand going under Chuuya's shirt but the latter pushed him away while turning his burning face to the side.

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