Dazai wants no gift but-

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When he has no work, Chuuya would spend the whole day training to improve his combat skills, he couldn't waste any second after the Boss challenged him on becoming an executive before his suicidal maniac of a partner does, especially when Mori made it obvious that Dazai had higher chances to be one before him. 

This day though was different, Chuuya finished his 1000 kicks then took a quick shower before heading to Kouyou's office hoping he would get a new mission. But the reason he was summoned wasn't quite the one he expected.

"Today is Dazai's birthday ?! Why would i care about that mackerel's birthday ?"

"I thought you would want to give him a gift after he gave you that choker in your birthday ..."

"He only gave me this choker to make me look like his dog ! He's getting no gift from me !!"

Kouyou sighed in exasperation, there was no use to argue with him when he was in this state but she sure had to hold back from bursting out in laughers when Chuuya was about to leave but stopped and shyly asked.

"Are you holding a birthday party for him ?"

He was such an insincere kid. 

Unfortunately, Kouyou didn't get to answer as she was interrupted by the brunet himself who only opened the door without getting inside.

"Only chibi would get excited for a birthday party, he is just a kid after all~"

Dazai was about to gently ruffle the ginger's hair but Chuuya snatched his hand away angrily.

"I am older than you, you waste of space !!!"

"All i wanted to say is that i'm older for birthday parties so i would really appreciate it if Anee-san or anyone else don't bother themselves to hold a party. Now, i will make my leave to Mori-san's office since he summoned me, i only hope it isn't about some new mission ..."

Dazai muttered his last words while walking away of the office but as he expected, he didn't even reach the Boss's office when Chuuya was in front of him glaring up at him.

"Why do you not want them to hold a birthday party for you ?"

"Because i am not a kid as a certain someone who's standing in front of me right now~"

"Stop trying to make me angry and just tell me the real reason already !! I'm not leaving till you say it !"

"I am just not fond of parties, there is no other reason, besides, it's just a party so why are you so persistent ? Does my loyal dog want to celebrate his owner's birthday this much~ ?"

"That's not the reason !! but .. don't you .."

Surprisingly, Chuuya didn't get angry nor shout at the other treating him as his dog and Dazai sure wasn't ready for that sad expression on Chuuya's face.

"... don't you think it is sad not having anyone to thank you for being born in this world and just ... being alive in your birthday ?"

Dazai didn't get to answer, not like he had any answer to this, he headed to Mori's office silently after Elise left it and told the brunet that the Boss was waiting for him.

Elise didn't read the mood at all and only pulled the ginger who was standing there to the side.

"It seems that Dazai doesn't want us to hold a birthday party for him ."

"Mmh ..."

At the not too enthusiastic reply she got, she pulled Chuuya down then whispered with a smirk.

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